Best clyw sold online?

Now there’s a good CLYW.
I recommenced one one of those snazzy ones that have a bearing in too!
If you’re going to spend that much on a yoyo why not go all out ;D

if your just gonna make comments like that stay away from my threads please, there is no need for that.

I played the BvM2 for a brief session, and was pleasantly surprised by it. I thought it was going to be too solid for my tastes, but it had a smooth and elegant feel to it. Puffin 2 would be my first recommendation, but since you have one on the way I would say BvM2.

I have a Summit and I like it well enough, but it just didn’t quite “do it” for me.

thanks! I’ll out that into consideration. But I might get another chief since I kind of miss mine

Thanks everyone so far!!

What about the summit or chief?

Two spectacular throws. I love the rounded shape of the Chief, and it’s a yardstick by which other yoyos in its category are judged.

Summit is less expensive, and takes advantage of the side effects system. Spin time similar on both, not having done a scientific analysis, I give the Chief a slight stability advantage.

You couldn’t go wrong with either. I own both; I tend to reach for the Chief more. That’s just me.

they are both amazing looking and play amazing. But I heard that the summit is smoother from a few people

Smoother? People sure like to talk garbage. :wink: Both yoyos are typically about as smooth as can be from the factory. Anything that’s not sufficiently smooth gets b-graded, at least by CLYW and I assume by OD. What happens after that, who knows?

My Chief is galaxies smoother than my Summit, but my Summit has been through war. So a generality like “I heard the Summit is smoother” doesn’t mean a whole lot.

At a certain point, this smoothness thing gets ridiculous. Let’s say for the sake of argument that the people you heard this from aren’t just full of it. We’re talking about a difference that is not felt just by throwing the yoyo. You have to be a pedant who dangles the yoyo near an ear, lets it run along a fingernail to straighten it out, and then hears or feels a barely-detectible bit of difference from one to the next. When the difference is that small, the only people who care a lot are people who aren’t playing with their yoyos.

Ok, I was talking to Ernie and he’s got a majesty left, should I get it instead of a clyw?

I haven’t tried one, but Majesties are some people’s favourite yoyos of all time. General-Yo and CLYW are directly competitive for quality, cool factor, and smoothness. Ernie is legendary for being a stickler about vibe, so his A-grades are smooth as glass and many of his B-grades are smoother than some companies’ A-grades.

So no, you shouldn’t have gotten a CLYW “instead”. You should get a CLYW also, later on and when a model catches your eye. :wink:

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Majesty is cheaper though

Even better :wink:

Trust me, the cheaper price doesn’t mean that CLYW is better.

i meant it as if I was leaning towards the majesty.

Now I’m super stuck

I currently own a Chief and a Summit. Both are the best of the best yoyos. I had a majesty for a short period and that played better(in my opinion) than the chief and summit. They are all top class yoyos and you can’t really go wrong with any of them. Plus if you get one of the 3 and don’t like it for some strange reason you can always sell or trade it!

good to know!

The Majesty is the best yoyo I have ever played imo.

is it really that good? Wow

Cheif And Summit

Are Both Really Good

Ive Never thrown a Majesty Though