CLYW Arctic Circle vs CLYW Avalanche

I want one of these two yoyos and I’m unsure of which to get. This would be my first CLYW and i really want to get one.
I like the colorways in the Ava better but I’ve heard so many good things about the AC.

I like to play sort of in the middle of fast and slow and I like a throw that is very stable.

Thank you for the help!!!

I honestly would recommend a chief based on the information you gave us. I never tried the ava but the ac is great!

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Which one would you recommend between the AC and the Chief?

Ok, this one is tough… They are both VERY stable. The ac plays a bit faster with a lot of momentum, while the chief plays a little slower and has some float to it. It is hard to explain, but the ac is like the chiefs angry little brother. For your play style, I would recommend a chief. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

You might also look at the Summit. Has a similar shape to the AC and Ava but plays similar to the style of play you gravitate towards. From everything I have read the Chief is no slouch but it is a more rounded shape. If you are a fan of the angular AC/AVA shape then it may not appeal to you.

Ok thanks. :slight_smile:

I was also thinking about getting a OD Cascade, so what do you think about Cascade vs Summit?

The AC is very aggressive. It lends itself better to fast paced intricate string play. The Chief is better for more flowy and chill tricks. Both are incredible.

The Chief is much more forgiving than the AC.

I only threw an Avalanche for a few minutes, but I absolutely loved it.

All CLYW throws are amazing… Just go with what you like the looks of best.

Thanks I think I will go with the chief.

Great choice! You will love it

Never used a Summit, but I own a Cascade. It’s not the most stable yoyo, but it can handle anything you can do. For play, it’s just got a smooth, flowy feel to it. It can go fast and slow.

As has been said before on these forums, with CLYW, it’s not a choice of which one to get, it’s a choice of which one to get first. I can assure you more will follow.

The Cascade is one of my favorite pure One Drop throws… yet I would take the Summit over the Cascade, it plays THAT good.

Does the summit play more like the cascade or more like the avalanche?

The summit plays like a summit its has the float+ solid feel with a kk its plays more like a ava with a flat plays like its own yoyo close to the cascade I guess

Pretty much this. It is its own yoyo. It plays like both of its parents yet has a unique feel all its own.

how stable is it?

I prefer the Avalanche.

Very stable. I will have a review of it up this weekend.

ok ill make sure to read it…