Summit or Arctic Circle

I really want both of them, but I will not be able to get both, so please tell me the pros and cons of each, regardless of my preferences. What do they feel like on the string? How well do they handle tricks? What kinds of tricks can and can’t they handle? How comfortable do they feel to catch and throw? Do either of them have any major upsides or downsides? Thanks

Look if you see clyw or one drop on a yoyo you can’t go wrong, both are amazing company’s. iv never tried a summit but I do have a ac and it is great! The summit is cheeper though, as for tricks they do string tricks or 1A, I love the feel of my ac in my hand to! The summit basically has the same shape so it should feel the same. Good luck picking!

thanks, it’s gonna be hard.

ac= compact solid fast monster on the string good for 3d tricks
summit= float/solid feel becomes solid with other se majestic oversized imo has irg area

Tough call. I have not played an AC but I have heard nothing but high praise for it.

The Summit is one heck of a yoyo and I can see it being THE yoyo of 2013. I don’t like to double up on yoyos yet I want a second so that I can keep one at work. :slight_smile:

Bump still need help

I would say there is no trick either can’t handle as for comfort I slightly prefer the AC over the Summit. Your big questions are colorway and SideEffects. The Summit is a little cheaper and shows up on the BST more often (I think it’s odd also) so easier to get a Summit. If you like Don’t care about SEs or are not picky about colorway shoot for the moon and get an AC in a color you love. Hope this helps.

I would honestly say that every other yoyo I own is outplayed by the summit, though not by a lot for some. I have not played the AC, but the Summit simply seems to be a better yoyo based on many reviews of both. The summit is stable and forgiving, while the AC (for some) amplifies a bad throw/ feels a little to center weighted. That said, the AC is next on my wants list.

Thanks to everybody whose commented, keep the advice coming! But I thought I would say that my play style is a bit more relaxed… Not slow, but relaxed and mellow mostly. But I want a Yoyo that can also handle fast play, too. Will the Summit do all this?

Yes, it plays in all ranges.

I’m really leaning in the direction of the Summit… Does this seem like a good decision?

It’s a great decision. I’m going for one my self.

nice! What colorway are you leaning towards?

I’m going to get a solid color. None of the detailed finishes on this amazed me, and solid colors are classy.

they are for sure. I think I’m gonna wait and see what comes in stock. I am always far more drawn to splashes and acid washes than solids, but that’s just me. :wink:

I think this is a good decision as well. Just the addition of Side Effects alone make it a better deal for the $$. Don’t get me wrong the AC is a great throw, but the Summit is truly a masterpiece!!!

I’m planning on writing up a Chief .vs. Arctic Circle review sometime in the near future where I will cover the downsides of the Arctic Circle. Its a great yoyo, but I have tried better.

I would say go for the Summit. I’ve only played an Arctic Circle, but I’ve heard nothing but praise of the Summit and it seems to have met with universal acclaim from everyone that’s played it. The AC is a good throw, but if that many people are saying that the Summit is one of the best yoyos that they’ve ever tried, then it’s a pretty safe bet.

Plus on top of that it’s cheaper as well. Result.

I agree the summit is an amazing choice, but don’t base your choice on se because due to the summit weight most people aren’t going to switch them. To be completely honest if your using the bst to get a yoyo get a bvm 2 best yoyo ever.

bvm2 speedy, solid ,and competition ready.
summit: stable half solid half floaty, cheap from yye and has great color ways
ac: fast, pulls off 3d trick the best of them, solid, competition ready.
bvm2 not on yye retail
summit: to heavy to really explore side effects with out having a heavy beast
ac: most expenive

While I agree that the Summit is on the heavy side so be able to fully use different SE’s. Many people like a yoyo in the 68/69 gram weight. This can be done very easily with the Summit. The thing about Side Effects that I keep seeing people miss is what they were truly designed for. Being able to change the axle system… If you strip the axle on the non SE yoyo well it will either mean super vibe or lots of $$ to get it re-tapped. SE yoyos all you need to do is pop in a new set. Plus it is next to impossible to overtighten a SE yoyo. They are more secure ans also will stay smooth over time.

I am not a fan of changing the weight with SE’s as for the most part I feel that each SE yoyo plays best with UL’s (the least amount of center weight as possible)

Again most of what I said is preference. I do feel very confident in my assumption that SE’s were designed more for providing a better and more functioning bearing seat rather than a weight change.

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Bump keep leaving your opinions! Thanks!