Avalanche - Summit - Cascade Spec. Comparison Photos

Pretty bored… Nothing to do. Package delivery companies in Japan are incredibly, unrealistically efficient. :wink: Decided to pull out my Avalanche and Cascade and snap a few pics for you guys, and contribute for once. Sorry in advance if the quality isn’t up to scratch. Amateur hour. Enjoy.

From left to right, Avalanche - Summit - Cascade, in all pics, except…

Diameter of the Summit seems just a hair (literally) bigger than the Avalanche. Of course, both are quite a bit bigger than the Cascade.

Biggest surprise about the Summit for me was how wide it is! Even wider than the Cascade! Banangrams!

The area around the response on the Summit is considerably different than that of the Avalanche.


Arctic Circle on the left. Summit is closer to this than it is Avalanche. Sneaky!

Interesting to compare them. The more I looked at them, the more the original aspects of the Summit seemed to stand out.

Also, as I play the Summit more and more, the less it feels like either of its… parent…? yoyos. It feels more and more like its own thing, which I’m delighted with.


Wow nice! The last pic is so similar I was about to ask if you got two summits. :).

Maybe the summit is just a SE AC.

The summit is acually an avalanche combined with a cascade pretty much, has the outer body of an avalanche, and the cup of a cascade.

But thanks for the pics!

Like above I know they said its an avaxCascade, but can you honestly say there is a considerably noticeable difference? It is the exact same aside from the double ring in the arctic circle, and the summmit has SE’s and a different finish. Exactly why I didn’t get one.

I know it is, but it looks the same as a AC :).

Actually, the Arctic Circle and the Summit aren’t similar at all in play, in my experience. None of the yoyos in this thread are very similar at all in terms of play. In the beginning, I thought I could feel a bit of the Cascade and the Avalanche in the Summit, but that seems to be fading away for me more and more.

There are a lot of differences between the Summit and the Arctic Circle, by the way. That wall around the response is slightly different between the two. A little bit more pronounced on the Summit. Plus, the Summit is considerably wider than the Arctic Circle. Lastly, with Side Effects, the weight of the Summit is totally variable. As you all already know, changing weight or dimensions on any yoyo, no matter how similar they might look, makes them completely different yoyos. Period.

I’m actually not huge on the Arctic Circle, to be honest. I mention this because the Summit is fantastic. Also, I’ve loved the Avalanche since they came out. Writing off any yoyo because it looks like another yoyo is not generally a good idea. You’re guaranteed to miss something that you’ll probably love adopting that attitude. Because all yoyos look like… Yoyos… One is bound to look like another at some point.

Not the play, the picture you took… I don’t know what the AC or Summit are like, but from that picture of the AC and summit, they look the same.

And I know they aren’t,

THANK YOU. People have been saying that it’s an Ava, and it’s really an AC.

Wow! I can really see how the Cascade and the Avalanche combined to become the Summit! Cool and thanks for posting!

So can someone explain how each design contributes to the play? Like how does a design from the cascade help the summit play and how does designs from an avalanche help the summit play. I heard that side effects also wouldn’t make a difference in play? Forgot where I heard it from.

That is the problem I am seeing popping up about the Summit. Not that it isn’t a valid question, no hate towards you but the Summit really is its own yoyo. I have played all three quite a bit. Yes they took a little here and a little there to make the Summit but it does not play like either one. The Summit is a wholly unique throw. They have done what many companies have done in the past, taken design elements from previous yo-yos into this new design, similar to the way One Drop brought the stepped cup design from the Cafe Racer to the Cascade or the way CLYW brought the double lip design from the Chief to the subsequent products.

Those making the assumption that this is an Avalanche with Side Effects are so far from the truth it isn’t even funny. Play one and then make up your mind.

I totally agree… it plays nothing … NOTHING like an avalanche or cascade… i am not going to go into details … about how its different … after I got mine … i have not touched an avalanche or cascade

maybe I can make a video comparison … but that takes time …

time I do not have but maybe I can play all three and tell you the difference that I notice

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If it is totally different then that’s great! I wouldn’t look forward to a yoyo that plays similar to something I’ve already played with. I don’t see a point in buying another yoyo that plays the same. I’m not a collector.

OK seriously everyone stop quoting all of those pictures, this is ridiculous.

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i just realized how wide this is!

And also, this thread is really long to be one page. From all these qouting the pictures.
Can’t wait to play this summit.

I can’t wait to wake up and star messing with different SE.

i ment the Summit is wide…

I’ll try to answer your question. :slight_smile:

Overall profile is borrowed from the Avalanche, as is the diameter and response. The hub area is borrowed from the Cascade, as is the extreme width. Also, the weight of the Summit, 66.7g (as it ships, with Aluminum Ultralight Side Effects) is closer to the weight of the Cascade, which is 66.9g (as it ships, with Aluminum Dome Side Effects), than the Avalanche, which is 65.9g.

End of the day, two super solid yoyos. If you mash 'em together, the result is also going to be super solid. The nature of yoyo design is incredibly fickle. A .5 gram difference between two yoyos is going to make them play entirely different. A .1mm difference in diameter or width, since it will mess with weight, is going to make two yoyos play totally differently. So, the Summit, having a wholly different set of specs from the Cascade, Avalanche, or anything else, is an entirely new yoyo. It is not an Avalanche or Arctic Circle with Side Effects. Not even close.

That’s the great thing about Side Effects. You can alter the weight of your yoyo to your preference. As you can see, I swapped the ULs on mine out for Spikes. This took the weight from 66.7g to 67.4g. A pretty substantial .7g difference. Whoever told you that Side Effects don’t affect play… They were simply wrong.