Who's got a summit?

Who’s gettin a summit?
What colour?
Tryin for a light blue, maybe dark green…

Not me, im paying bills and a court fine lol. Im mad too, i missed the last collab too!

You have plenty of time, this one isn’t limited.

i hope so!!

Really want a gray one, need a few more bucks though.

Got this beauty in a trade :stuck_out_tongue:


i will get one eventually. There making tons and are planning to make more I think… so in due time i shall get one. If i can get one in a trade that would be erven better :wink:

I’m gonna get a black and red and do half and half.

Really want a Triton,Summit an Model 10 probably going to try for Light blue or black if Go with the Summit

I’m getting one! Most likely a red one.

I’m not getting one, but for those of you who haven’t found the page yet:

The Summit

Orange, Green, Purple oh my!

Some bearings, Some SE’s

Locked and Loaded pulling the trigger at midnight! :wink:

I’ll get one, but I’m waiting until splashes are available.

Shouldn’t be too long. Already saw them on their Facebook

I’m getting one. I’m hoping for Bape.

Love solid colors. Wish CLYW would do more of them.

I agree. very subtle, very classy.

They’ll be available tonight and will ship out this weekend or early next week according to YYE.

No Spanish Sunsets though :frowning:

I really want to get my hands on a Summit, but gotta cool off a bit. Just dropped money on two brand new yoyo’s over the weekend and barely had a chance to play with them.