Who DOESN'T like the Summit?


Obviously, I wouldn’t expect anyone to call it a BAD yoyo, but surely someone has played it and not liked it? I’m just looking for some honest criticisms or the Summit, as it seems everyone is still in the honeymoon phase with theirs.

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I bought mine the first night they came out . It’s a great player and everything . But it’s certainly not my go to throw . I think there over selling it , every time I look there is another color release . I wouldn’t mind getting a nickel plated , but what’s the point if they make 1,000 of them they’ll be worthless .


I think there goal was to make a throw that enough were made that anybody who wanted one could get one they didnt want them as exclusive as normal CLYWs are. But who really cares if 1000 are made its still a good yoyo either way just because so many are made dosnt magically turn it bad like look at the chief I think 14 runs have been made is it worthless?


I have a nickel plated. I love it.
So many styles of play.
You really can do a lot of things with it hahaha. Im stuck in traffic right now and Im just itchin to throw it.


I’m happy with mine! I wasn’t that super-stoked in the first place, though, so i probably didn’t have super high expectations about it. I’ve heard some talk about slightly lacking spin times. Not as a Puffin, but yeah.


you make some very good points Zen . but I would buy 3 more chiefs before I bought another summit . I do want a nickel plated summit . but it’s very low on my list , and I know there’s no rush to buy . I’m sure I will find a near mint one or one that’s tarnished . for a very reasonable price on b/s/t down the road .


I have one and im going to write a review for it. I like it a lot. Truly amazing. . . Doesn’t play like the avalanche or cascade. Its its own yoyo.

But for me I like to do many types of tricks. slacks, tech, flowy, smooth, choppy, ext. The thing i dont like about it at first is the huge width. It catches wrong string segments. But after awhile its not a problem.

   So i love my skyblue summit.


I dunno, when I tried it, I felt it didn’t live up to the hype. Don’t get me wrong, it plays great, but people kept hyping over it saying it might as well be the best yoyo ever. An issue I hae with it is how it was built off of ultralights. I know you can switch’em out, but see from my point of view. I see it as a medium weight yoyo. But since it was built off of Ultralights, it can’t get any lighter. Weight customization would have been better IMO if it was built off of spikes so that you could make it lighter OR heavier. With the ultralights, it only gets heavier. Anyone see my point?

And I also think its a bit wide for me, but thats not a big problem. I guess for me I like my yoyos between 40-44.


For me it was wide, and I might get some hate for this but it was just tank-ish to me(not rock on a string, just the shape and the way it played). The diameter like yoyojordan pointed out I think is the main factor, and somewhat weight and weight placement. I dunno, it didn’t really strike my fancy. In all honesty, I’ve found that I’m not really into throws geared toward competition. I like doing thumb grinds, even if no one does them in competitions. I like organic shapes because of the comfort in hand, even though they don’t do the best horizontal. I throw for fun and have no interest in competing so that’s where most of this comes from. To sum it up, I had a Cal Stats Summit, and traded it within a week.


Turning point Leviathans have an hourglass organic shape…and they are build for perfect horizontals.
best horizontal throw ive thrown, they play way better than avalanche on this point


There’s always exceptions, especially at higher price points :stuck_out_tongue:


I disliked it. It’s too solid, too straightforward, too easy to use. And I didn’t like how the weight was distributed.

But this is just me, and my favorite yo-yos are usually broken.

(Jace) #13

yeah the summit gave me the feeling I get when I try clyw yoyos(not saying they’re bad just that I haven’t tried one that I love yet). I was expecting something amazing and it wasn’t quite there. Still a very good reliable yoyo but it doesn’t scream “play me all the time”. Definitely a bit too big fr my tastes. The thing with yoyos now is that the quality is pretty high with pretty much everything you can get and it basically comes down to preference as far as shape and feel go.


The term “organic” has different interpretations; man, we had a whole thread recently that you’d probably get a kick out of. :wink:

Suffice it to say, Leviathan is probably considered by many (including me, admittedly) as a “bell” shape. It has organic lines, though, that’s for sure.


I like the summit a lot, it isn’t my favorite yoyo but I play it a lot. It feels great in my hand, has good flow and float to it, and with some nickel disks it plays solid and fast. My one problem with it is spin times, it just dies out faster than my other throws and makes it difficult to work on creating new things.


I like my summit. However, it shipped with a defective set of side effects. They induced vibe in every yoyo i put them in! I switched them out for some domes and was met with much better results in terms of smoothness, but i like the feel of the ultra lights better. I will just pick up another set, but still, this is sort of careless and irritating and made me throw my summit much less than i would have.


Anything manufactured will have the occasional bum unit. Totally sucks that you ended up with such a one. If you bought it new, I’m sure One Drop would take care of you…?


It’s all good. I put in some domes and it is DEAD smooth. I will just pick up a set of ultra lights when i order string or something. I did buy it new. when i said careless, i just thought that they might hand test it like many other yoyo companies do. I totally get the idea of a dud set sometimes.


Yeah I would contact One Drop.


Every single yoyo is hand tested. Sometimes we miss stuff. Please PM your address and I will ship you a new set.