Summit, yes or no

Is the summit a good yoyo? I don’t see many people with it. Is it good or did I just waste $120?

You kidding me? Tonnes of people have Summits.

It’s a great yoyo. There’s a whole thread for “Show off your Summit”. When it first came out, partly for marketing but partly because it’s so playable, almost the whole CLYW team seemed to be competing and making videos with it.

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when I look on BST I never see the summit or no one ever says they have it on yyx

I do see them on the BST regularly, but seeing them less frequently is a sign that people are keeping them. That’s a good yoyo. :wink:

Trust me, the Summit was well-received and continues to be many people’s favourite yoyo.


Summit is in my top 5. I love it.

Here is my take on the Summit.

Pros: Wonderful craftsmanship. Great feel in hand. Smoothest yoyo I own. Side effects (such a smart concept), fair price.

Cons: A bit snaggy for my taste. Its a little too big for my preference (I’m in to mid/under sized throws).

Just FYI the snaggy feel goes away after a while. The response pads are a bit grippy.

I have had the CLYW x Onedrop Summit since June, still look forward to throwing it on a daily basis. Love the combination between the CLYW Avalanche and Onedrop Cascade. Depending how long you have been throwing might vary your decision. I got it on my one year anniversary. :wink:

Yes the summit is a great throw you wont be dissepointed

honestly, coming from someone who almost didn’t buy the summit cause i was scared of all the hype around it and thought it was all hype, i couldn’t be more pleased, it literally blew me away. smooth, and has a centered weight, it’s on par with my avalanche

The summit is one if those yoyos that will always be in you bag and will remain a hard to trade for or buy yoyo once you own it
(the ability to change out the side effects was one of one drops most amazing concepts and really gives a yoyoer so many options and ability to really customize their yoyo to their preference and this adds huge value to all OneDrop and other yoyos that use one drops side effects.)

For me the summit is one of those collaborations that just worked out very well and I hope that the summit continues to make players of all varieties happy for a longtime to come!

Pick one up and enjoy it :slight_smile:

Sounds like you have made the investment and it is on the way so you will soon find out. IMHO it is a great yoyo! I love it! and have 3 of them!