Summit First Impressions! In three words.... Uh... Maze...In!


One Drop x CLYW Summit Stats:

55.5 mm / 2.19 inches

46.0 mm / 1.81 inches

66.75 grams

Bearing Size:

Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
OneDrop 10 Ball Bearing

CLYW Snow Tire Response (Aqua)

When I first heard One Drop and CLYW were doing another collaboration I was skeptical that it would top the awesomeness of the Wooly Markmont. I mean, how could it? The nickel-plated-goodness, the undersized-organic-awesomeness, the plaid-shirted-woolyness! What a cool collab that was. I remember throwing it for the first time and feeling my jaw drop and my my eyes widening at the smoothness.

I felt the same feeling with the Summit on it’s first throw! It’s aptly named as I feel this is the “Summit” of quality. In my opinion this has definitely outdone the Wooly Markmont or any other collaboration for that matter.

With One Drop being my favorite yoyo company, closely followed by CLYW, I haven’t been this excited for a new yoyo / return top in quite some time! I can definitely say this was a success. I just can’t put this thing down.

Floaty, dead smooth, extremely stable, powerful, long spin times, wide, perfect shape, comfortable, beautiful annodizing (on every single splash and solid I’ve seen), beautiful engravings, One Drop 10-ball bearing, large catch zone… all things I look for in a throw and this have every one of them.

Its inspiration comes from the Avalanche and Cascade. You get the shape / cup of the Avalanche with the width and side effects that come with the Cascade. It’s actually wider than the Cascade. Some people said it bears more resemblance to the Arctice Circle, which I couldn’t disagree with more. The Summit is much more stable and forgiving than the Arctic Circle.

The response… CLYW Snow Tires. This is a bit deceiving because I really don’t like the white snow tires due to their snaggy nature. The Summit comes standard with Aqua Snow Tires, which are amazing. They feel more like my favorite response, flowable silicone. I wouldn’t hesistate to replace them with more Aqua Snow Tires, however. They are near perfect!

I just can’t say enough about the Summit. I’m in awe.

Buy one, you won’t regret it.

This is coming from a guy who has owned an avalanche, sasquatch, 65 gram chief, 66 gram chief, 7075 chief, cliff, code 2, supernova, cascade, phenom, majesty, essence, and most other major releases of the last 2 years. IMO the Summit either is as good as or tops them all.


Mine shipped today…


Great review. I was going to write one but you covered it. Awesome throw!!! So instead I thought I would just post some picks. If you don’t mind. If you do I will take them down asap. With the edge of the Summit the way it is. It really reminded me of my Diamondback. Which I also love… But the Summit’s edges are a lot more rounded. Plus it grinds like a beast.


Yes the summit is sick. Its like the bvm2’s floaty brother. Summit and bvm2 are just super slick throws.


Great review… I could not agree more!! I too have the same passion for both companies and right now I can’t find a better throw than the Summit!!!


The sunmit is amazing. I really want half colors!!


I want another one.


Since yoyo expert has Yellow and Raspberry left, they could make Raspberry Lemonade Summits.


Feruvox wrote:

Yes the summit is sick. Its like the bvm2’s floaty brother. Summit and bvm2 are just super slick throws.

Could you elaborate on how these two yoyos compare? I have a bvm2 and think of it as a more floaty chief. Reading comments on the summit which I haven’t tried, I have been getting the idea it is pretty solid and maybe a tad heavy. I could be totally wrong about this so I would love any further thoughts about these two throws.


I just wanted to say that I was able to achieve a personal best today with my Summit. I was able to do 16 Suicides in a row on a single throw. It wasn’t even a hard throw and I wasn’t trying to break any personal bests when I did it. I know this isn’t anywhere near a record, but I think it’s saying a lot since my previous personal best was around 8.


Well chris described bvm2 as more solid and stable than the chief…and the summit was designed wider to increase floatiness.


I’ve always thought that the Summit is extremely solid and heavy. Probably the least floaty yoyo I’ve ever used. Then again, it seems like everyone has a different definition of “floaty”.


The cups of the avalanche? I thought it had the cups of the cascade…

Anyways, great first impressions, I can’t wait for mine to get here!


I suppose it depends on what you mean by cup. Perhaps I was describing it wrong. If you’re looking at the yoyo from the front where it looks like an “H” than it looks like the avalanche. If you look at it from the side, then it looks like the cascade.


Yeah that sounds right. When your looking at the H thats the shape. The side is the cup, like where the side effect is. At least, that’s what I always thought.


The cup is where the side effect is and the Summit engravings. It’s the cup of a Cascade.


I think we’re in agreement then! Excellent.

I’m having so much fun with the Summit and I’m thinking of whipping it out for 5A, but I’m afraid of dings. After the first ding all bets are off. Where’s the nearest concrete slab!!?!

(Erik Kerber ) #18



I’m still loving the Summit every bit as much as the first day I played it. I’ve installed the larger disc side effects and having a ton of fun with it.


Yeah, this, the cup is the inside part that you would do thumb grinds on old yoyos before everyone stopped making IGRs (at least clyw and OD) and the “H” is the profile