Summit Vs Seven Summits

That is the question. . .  ???

I hope to help you make up your mind, maybe answer a few questions, and give some feedback.

So, yeah, I could not make up my mind on which to get so I ultimately got both. First the regular Summit - Berry Berry, then a bit later the Seven Summits - Vinson.

I could not find alot of information on the two compared either, so I’d like to fix that here and now. My views, findings, thoughts, and ultimate review of the CLYW/OneDrop SUMMIT and the special SEVEN SUMMITS.  So this is going to be a 2 part review with a final thoughts close out.

First up: The Magnificent, The powerful, The stunning SUMMIT!!! A collaboration between CLYW and OneDrop both bringing their flagship models to the table, mated them together and birthed the Summit. Something that was so awesome it spawned its own mini-documentary on youtube, but if you are reading this, than you have likely already have watched it. If on the off chance you have not, this will get you more familiar with everything I’m about to get into.

OK! Now that were all on the same level, here is mine straight from the simple little white box it arrived in. No string. I liked this.

Its perfect, pristine, and just so pretty! Here is the stats straight from the Caribou’s mouth:

One Drop x CLYW Summit Stats:
Diameter: 55.5 mm / 2.19 inches
Width: 46.0 mm / 1.81 inches
Weight: 66.75 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
OneDrop 10 Ball Bearing
Response: CLYW Snow Tire Response aqua

Its made of 6061 and uses the OneDrop Side Effect system. I love this as it allows me to change the color and weight of my Summit. Fun note: The Side Effect system is made of 7075, so that would technically made it a Bi-Metal throw as well! :wink:

First throw was enough for me to fall in love. The 10ball bearing was lethally silent, smother than glass, and felt like what I would imagine exploding glitter tastes like to my brain. It literally gave me chills. The bind was fast, tight, and powerful. The heft it hit my hand with after the mild throw I just gave it, was more than impressive. The spread of the wings fits my bones perfectly, not a wide as a Shutter, but just seems more stable, solid, and holds a hidden power inside.

Being the sucker I am for accessories and customizing (coming from RC UAV/FPV and Harley Davidson worlds) this is something I hold in close regard. SOoo it didn’t take long for me to swap out the string, bearing, and Side Effects to find that sweet spot. I opted for the Green Spikes which added some weight which I didn’t mind. Im not a hyper speed player and usually prefer the chill flow of it all to find the groove, rather than go past hyperspeed and go straight into plaid.

I ended up, after trying several different kinds of strings and bearings, with BG-1 Yellow Jackets from Toxic Strings and a wing cut Terrapin X ceramic hybrid. This was (And still is) my magic combo of perfection. Every-single-throw you can tell you are not playing with a toy. There is serious engineering and mind juice squeezed out in this thing. It holds its power like a tank rolling over cars but still nimble and hangs in the air juuuuust long enough. I wont say its floaty, but its no brick either. It powers through long combos without the need for super hard throws. Its has inertia that is un-ignoreable. Its wide enough to catch the string even when your throws are slightly off.

Its “just right” in so many ways, adding the spikes was like adding hubstaks. I can hold those for 20-30 seconds. Grinds work fine for me both IRGs and finger grinds as well, but im not great at them so I wont say much about this aspect since I dont know first hand whats a boss or crappy grinding throw. My apologies.

I am sure that there are plenty out there that would think its too heavy with the spikes, but thats the beauty of personal preferences.

So far about the only thing I didn’t like with the Summit, was when I damaged it with a rouge throw, or a belt buckle hit, or getting hit with a key i was mindlessly twirling at work on a lanyard with the Summit hanging on my belt loop bloop which managed to hit right next to where I hit my belt! haha
It is just nature of the the 6061 beast so its not really a “con” per say, but if I had a complaint it was that it wasn’t made from a stronger metal. . .

Enter the SEVEN SUMMITS! echos  ::slight_smile:

Diameter: 55.65 mm / 2.19 inches
Width: 45.88 mm / 1.80 inches
Gap Width: 4.39 mm / 0.17 inches
Weight: 63.3 grams
Bearing Size: One Drop 10 Ball
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: CLYW Snow Tires white

One very important difference between the two is the 7075 body. This was a small detail to me at first but as the hours and hours get put on it that seems to be one of the most impressive traits! Its durability is out of this world.
I swapped out the Side Effects with Purple Domes only adding 1/2g from the ultra lights it came with. I just wanted a purple flash while its doing its thing.

So this one came in the same little white box as the last one, but this one came with two major differences. A sticker!! Its a sticker of the artwork on the Seven Summits box. A small thing but made me smile none the less. The other difference was this one came with a string. Im not sure what string it was but that was a nice surprise. That and knowing I got 1 of only 50 made will always hold a special place in my heart.

Once I got the two side by side it took me a minute to spot exactly what had changed other than the metal which i knew to be denser, thus heavier, but this Seven Summits was quite a bit lighter. I did eventually find a small difference in the thickness of the step just under the rim. Its a bit thinner on the Seven so there it was. Subtle but very effective difference. nearly 3 1/2 grams lighter make a world of difference. Especially with the spikes on the Summit adding a couple grams in addition, it really shows.

So there I am, set up both exactly the same. Same string, same ultra light (stock) side effects, same stock bearing and I threw them. Back and fourth I spent time doing the same sequences and runs and I can say without hesitation, that the play is so drastically different that they can hardly be called the same. Sure they share the Summit in the name, and the same kush feel in the hand, thats about it.
That being said, I found myself grabbing for the Seven Summits a bit more often than the normal one.

The Seven Summits is not only beautiful “Vinson” colorway, it plays like a dream, wrapped in silk. Its fast but not super sonic. It can change direction by the tiniest flick of the finger. Making it almost telekenetic in that you can nearly think about it, and it bends to your will to break physics and pull off those mind bending tricks. Its still carries itself like a pimp among ho’s, stable and slick. Much more floaty than its spikey sister, and not quite as potent in longevity of each run, but is no slouch either. The power is still there, no doubt, but the snap back on the bind has less thud and more pop with similar gusto.

The way the string strikes the 7075 it rings like a little bell. Its music to me ears. The IRGs seem easier on this one.

After many many hours of throw time on each, My Berry Berry is showing its age pretty hard. Shes bashed, dinged, marred, scarred, but still a champ. Still an absolute winner. Everytime I spend an hour with the Seven Summits, Im convinced that its “the best” in my arsenal. The seven Summits still looks the same as it did on day one. Pristine and immaculate.
Then I grab the old school Summit and throw it and BOOM. There is no “Best” but they both are freaking amazing.

While I do slightly favor the Seven Summits over the Summit I can say without reserve that both are worth owning. BOTH are amazing. The Seven is lighter, faster, and alot stronger against wear and tear and damage. 7075 is simply awesome for this and comes with my highest regards. The real downside other than cost is that the Seven Summits are limited. 7 batches of 50 each. This one shown here Vinson was the 6th batch. So due to this, availability is low. But if you can get one, you can rest assured that its good enough to not just sit around and collect dust on your shelf. Some say its more of a collector piece, but I say its a true performer.
A real winner. At least for me.


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Great review/write up!. I bought a used Summit and personalized it to my liking with orange side effects. I love the way the Summit feels, looks, and plays. I will be posting a picture of mine later on in the day.

Please do share your photos and thoughts!
Thanks for reading. :slight_smile:

Here’s my Summit :slight_smile:

This was a fantastic review! Great job, very detailed and informational :slight_smile:

Great review. The tone and writing style are just right for a yo-yo review. I hope you do more in the future.

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback and hope to contribute to the yoyo community in the future.

While I am not in the market for either of these throws, I wanted to say “great job” on writing up a great and detailed review. Very informative :slight_smile:

Very complete post. Thanks for sharing