One Drop Yo-Yos X CLYW Seven Summits

Seven Summits

The original Summit came from the meeting of the minds and hearts of CLYW and One Drop Yo-Yos. As documented in the video, it was a short but intense beginning to one of the most popular models released by either company. Nearly two years later they are still just as loved and we continue to produce them.

To continue this journey we knew we wanted to make the Summit in 7075 alloy. Since this is the Summit, we knew it had to be different and took inspiration based on that 7075 is part of “Seven Series Aluminum”. It became obvious: we need to do the Seven Summits.

The Seven Summits are the tallest mountains on each of the 7 continents. Climbing to the summit of all seven (let alone even one) is an incredible human feat known as the “Seven Summits”.

We are going to create the Seven Summits of yo-yo by offering seven different runs of 7075 Summits - each run limited to 50 yo-yos and named after each of the actual seven mountains. Each run will be released separately over a period of months starting with Kilimanjaro in Africa.

And here is another cool part. 7075 weighs more (is more dense) than the usual 6061 so you would expect the Seven Summits to weigh more. However, we re-designed the weight distribution so the resulting total weight of the yo-yo is lighter! Whoa. Heavier metal, lighter yo-yo, but still looks the same (and has the same width and diameter).

You will know it’s a Seven Summit because it will have a mountain name engraved on it. But more than that you will know because it plays different from the original while still maintaining the same essence.

Kilimanjaro - Africa - Black base with gold and blue splash
McKinley - North America - TBA
Aconcagua - South America - TBA
Elbrus - Europe - TBA
Vinson - Antarctica -TBA
Kosciuszko - Australia -TBA
Everest - Asia -TBA

Base Weight: 60.85 grams
Shipping Weight: 63.35 grams (with Ultra Lights)
Diameter: 55.64 mm
Width: 46 mm
Stock Response: CLYW Snow Tires
Gap Width: 4.34 mm
Bearing Size: Large © stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
Finish: Pyramatte ™
Axle System: Side Effects™

Available at YoYoExpert starting November 21st, 2014



If we climb those mountains will we get a complimentary yoyo for each one?

That’s really sharp. I like it.

That looks awesome!!!

omg that weight. Thank you so much for not making it weigh a ton. Can’t wait to buy.


This really make me want to revisit the Summit. Darn you OD! My wallet needs a break!

That weight is perfect… :o


Yup. The revised weight has me re-interested in the Summit!

under 64g and the first colorway revealed has my 2 favorite yoyo colors…definitely interested in this dude

Suddenly, I find that I am 7 yoyos short of a full state of Awesomeness!

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I have to say recently one drops ano on 7075 throws has looked better than the ano I’ve seen on a lot of 6061 and to my understanding ano is harder on 7075.

I hope Everest is a really nice colorway.

No kidding. The GZR Cascade and now this both look stunning for 7075 anno jobs.

I have been thinking about picking up a Summit for awhile. Then you drop this awesome bomb! I am very interested in the new weight, but I think now I have to pick up a 6061 and one of these. :slight_smile:

Ano being much more difficult on 7075 is probably a YYR urban legend like their throws magically vibing if unscrewed. YYF has had great ano jobs on 7075 for ages and OD is doing a great job as well.

OD themselves have said it’s harder to anodize 7075 and the reason that they didn’t do splash 7075 a while back was because they didn’t have anyone that could anodize splashes on 7075 to their standard.

And YYRs vibe after unscrewing because the axles were so dang tiny it was easier to get vibe from unscrewing. Doesn’t necessarily mean they will get vibe if unscrewed, just a higher chance than other throws

Ridiculous! Might as well vacuum my wallet out… because there is going to be nothing left.

Is there an ETA for these to drop at YYE ?

Is the series being released one at a time? I’m confused. It looks like only the Kilmanjaro colourway is hitting stores and has been teased. Am I going nuts?