One Drop Yo-Yos X CLYW Seven Summits

One at a time my friend. =)

Tomorrow afaik!

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About how long between releases? A month or two? And how many of each will be made? Don’t love the Kilimanjaro colorway, but love the specs and can’t decide if i want to wait for a better color.

Seven Summits is cool and all; but I like GZR better :wink:

Page up:

Oof, dat price.

What’s the price? I only see the countdown… Thanks.

it’s the first entry at the moment.

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what can nobody bear to post that its $165 ?

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The price is more than I expected :o

I was expecting $145-ish. Splashes typically add $15 to OD throws, then an extra $20 for the 7075, so $115 for a Summit + $15 for splash + $20 for 7075 = $150. Maybe it’s not so bad when you consider the limited nature of it. That said for the price i would have really liked to see a different engraving on each yoyo representing the mountain’s look rather than just the name on the rim. Maybe i just like complaining. :frowning: Feels bad man.

The price is definitely on the steep side. It’s not outrageous compared to its 7075 competitors (for example, the C3 Krown) but it’s probably not on my short list simply because of price.

We’ll see, though. :slight_smile: