Onedrop Summit

Last year, one of the most amazing collaborations between two companies happened. It started as a crazy idea, the idea of designing, creating, producing, and selling a brand new yoyo in time for the U.S CAL states. The result: the Onedrop x CLYW Summit, a yoyo built for yoyoers. The design was based off of the cascade and avalanche, with the feel of the cascade and the model of a larger, wider avalanche.


Diameter: 55.5 mm / 2.19 inches
Width: 46.0 mm / 1.81 inches
Weight: 66.75 grams
Bearing Size: Size C OneDrop 10 Ball Bearing
Response: CLYW Snow Tire Response

Playability & Design:

The Onedrop x Clyw summit is one of my favorite yoyos, in close second is my cascade. It handles really nice, and will absolutely nail every kind of trick there is, being long tech combos, fancy bangers, or flowy and short combos. The summit can play fast or slow to fit your style. I sometimes feel as if I have to force it to go fast, but other people who I have talked to said it has a lot of hype. It is all your perspective. The yoyo’s design is beneficial for all of these. The way that the weight is focused towards the rims makes for long spin times, and it’s weight creates a light and floaty feel. I love Onedrop’s Side Effects, because you never have to worry about unscrewing it unlike fixed axel systems. The cup of the yoyo is miraculous as well, with the inner ring grinds and the engravings.

Pros & Cons:


  • Smooth and Stable
  • Comfortable in the hand
  • Great finish
  • Spins quite a long time


  • Rejections are harder because of body shape
  • Thumb grinds are difficult, but possible

Shape & Weight Distribution:

Although I talked a little about this in the first paragraph, I will get into greater detail into the yoyo’s shape. The summit is an H profiled yoyo, and it kind of reminds me of a larger version of the AC. The shape is similar, with a H/V hybrid seperated by an indent. The yoyo fits quite well in my hands, and I love to hold it. I am impressed that at 66.75 grams, it feels as light as an underweight yoyo. This is what I love about Onedrop and Clyw’s collaborations. Your expectations are always met and then some! I was really surprised when I threw it for the first time. I looked at it and thought it would be smooth, but once I threw it I could only think “Wow! What an awesome yoyo!” I have also noticed it is really good with different binds. Air binds are a breeze with snow tires and the v-shaped inner body towards the bearing seat makes sure the yoyo catches every time! It really lives up to it’s big brothers, and always makes me smile when I feel it cradeled in my palm.


I’d have to say, Snow Tires response is my favorite response system. I love it, love it, love it! The summit has always been my go-to yoyo to learn new binds because of the snow tires response and it’s shape. I will not miss the flowable silicone, because all I need are a new pack of snow tires. I don’t have much to say here because, well, there isn’t much to say!


I really like the Summit, and I think overall it is a really great yoyo! With Onedrop’s Design and clyw’s genius and colorways, It’s safe to say this should be in your next investment. The yoyo is comfortable, smooth, and a real nice player. This is a great yoyo for those who range anywhere from pro to intermediate. The only bad things I have to say are that because of the unusual IRG, thumb grinds are harder, and the shape causes rejections to not just… pop! On my summit, it isn’t bead blasted and grinding is challenging, but on the blasted versions it’s a breeze! This yoyo really lived up to my expectations, and I hope this convinces you to have it live up to yours.

My only question is if it is so good and I’ve heard so many good things why r there sooooo many on the bst?

I have no idea.

Well, there were a ton of them made, so that’s part of it. Also, I think a lot of people bought one just because of all of the hype, without considering whether it met THEIR preferences. So they bought one, didn’t like it, and put it on the BST.

That’s probably it. Ill probably pick one up cheap off the bst at this point haha

Can the summit play fast?

Not like Mickey fast but like the speed of someone like Harold Owens(not his prelims his finals) or Zach Gormley.

The Summit is a great collaboration and is a great player. Mine as a permanent spot in my case.

Agreed that Summit is a great yoyo. I wouldn’t describe it as having weight pushed out towards the rims, though. The Rims are thin, and much of the weight is in the mid-point of the cup, just like the Cascade. This gives it a great feel…yet there’s still enough rim weight and overall weight to make it long-spinning and stable.

I want to get a summit soon