Summit Review


Hello everyone. Here is my opinion on the summit.

First Impressions and Looks

When i got this yoyo, i could not have been more exited. I had thought i was more of a YYF person, and i had stuck with them for all of my yoyoing “career.” The box arrived, and i opened it up. The box looked really cool. It was a white box with the summit logo on the top. I took the yoyo out, and…WOW. That’s all i had to say. This throw looked so amazing. I got the Solar Flare color way (Silver with Red and Yellow Splash), and it really looks amazing. The finish on this yoyo is very smooth, due to it having the Pyramatte finish, and your finger slides smoothly on it. 10/10


Diameter: 55.5 mm / 2.19 inches
Width: 46.0 mm / 1.81 inches
Weight: 66.75 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
OneDrop 10 Ball Bearing
Response: CLYW Snow Tire Response

Response and Bearing

The summit comes with a 10-ball bearing. It is really smooth, and i mean REALLY smooth. I think mine is breaking in right now, but it still plays amazing. It also comes with Aqua Snow Tires. Amazing response pads. Very nice binds. Not too grippy. 10/10

Feel in hand

It feels really good. It is really wide, so your index and fourth finger rest nicely on the wide rims, and your middle finger fits comfortably in the middle area. 10/10


The Summit plays amazing. Period. Super smooth, super comfy in the hand, and just feels so nice to throw. It comes with ultra light side effects, which IMO makes this yoyo light, but solid. I popped in some Spikes in there, and wow, what a difference. It made the yoyo heavier, but it made it a lot floatier. I personally prefer the spikes over the ultra lights.

The Summit is quite stable, but to me, some yoyos are more stable…say…a Genesis. Or even a Supernova. The summit is still very stable and spins long enough to do any trick, and ask for more.

I stink at horizontal play, but i can get a horizontal skin the gerbil with this yoyo with ease. It is ok at “techy” tricks due to its 46 mm width, but it can still do those types of tricks if you are careful.

Finally, grinds. The summit, like I said has a Pyramatte finish, so it grinds great. I can get a 5-7 second palm grind with this yoyo. It feels great while it is spinning in your hand ;D. 10/10

Final Thoughts

One Drop and CLYW did a great job designing the Summit. I really was impressed with the quality of this throw. Although the price tag is pretty high at $115-135, it is completely worth every penny.


Thank you CLYW and One Drop!!!


Here it is with Spikes

(kclejeune) #3

How does this compare to the Skyline?


The same way a tricycle compares to a Indian T-90 tank.


Never played a skyline. Sorry


Nice Review and Sick colorway!


totally agree with your review, I Love my Hulk Samsh Summit!


OK… that yoyo is my most wanted item right now…


Great review, very well written.

You mentioned you were not sure on the finish. The Summits are Pyramatte finish only, no bead blast. Hope this helps.


Ah ok thank you for letting me know. I’ve never tried either beadblast or pyramatte so I didn’t know.

(Erik Kerber ) #11

Great review I want that yoyo so bad! id like to know how much the nickel plated summit ways pls answer :slight_smile:


Probably plays the same, except grinds might be shorter…

(kclejeune) #13

Hahahahahahahaha made my day. Is it possible to make this one spin out at all?


I’ve never been a huge fan of YYF’s metal yoyos.


I have a Skyline and honestly, I’m shocked that they price it as high as they do. I was very underwhelmed by it and I’m sure you can get undersized throws for half the price that play just as well if not better.

Haven’t tried a Summit, but comparing the Skyline to any full size CLYW or Onedrop metal in terms of performance is a fruitless endeavour. Don’t get me wrong, I like YYF throws, but the Skyline really isn’t all that. For the price you can get far far better throws.


I completely agree. I have heard of people who paid the 100 dollars to get the 888x brand new, and felt completely ripped off. Some have said it should be properly priced around 60 dollars.


I think I’m at the point in yo-yoing where the yo-yos used don’t affect me that much anymore. They all kinda feel the same. But makes a good yo-yo? The smoothness? The solidness? The float? The finish? I don’t get it anymore. For me, anything that I go all out on is a good yo-yo. Something that doesn’t distract me from doing my thing.