The Summit review


The summit review
By xXRickY0Xx (Please be easy on comments. This is my first review. Plus some constructive criticism would be great.)

The Summit. Just four days to make it. If you think about it, that’s not allot of time for making a yoyo. First you have to make the CAD file for it. Then you make the prototype. Next make more prototypes till its perfect. After its perfect you make more of the yoyo, anodize it, packaged it, and sell it. Usually this would take longer but Chris, David, and Shawn did all this in four days. On the first day they spent the whole day making the file and naming it. Next they make the prototype and have Jason Week do the artwork. Then on the 3rd day they make a small run and have Evan from toxic strings and anodize the yoyos. Last they engrave, assemble, and package them. All in just for days. Now lets start the review.

In the box it includes
A foam cube.
White poly string.


Diameter: 55.5 mm / 2.19 inches
Width: 46.0 mm / 1.81 inches
Weight: 66.75 grams

The Summit comes at a full size at a diameter of 55.5 mm. And comes with a width of a 46 mm. OneDrop wanted to incorporate the Cascade and CLYW wanted to incorporate the Avalanche into the design of the yoyo. What they did is stretch out the width for the Avalanche. Next made the cup area similar to the Cascade and put a weight ring in the middle. Last gave it side effects and made the yoyo a little more angular and flat.

(from left to right Arctic circle, Summit, Cascade )
The Summit weights about 66.75 grams with ultra light side effects. The yoyo feels heavy but when thrown it doesn’t feel like it has allot of a thud at the end of the string. Plus this yoyo feels solid with a slight element float. And the yoyo also has a flowy artistic feel to it as it glides along the string and in the air.

The response, bearing, and finish.
The bearing is a ten ball bearing that is no doubt one of the best bearings on the market. Good choice on the bearing. The response is “All season” (aqua) snow tires. This is actually the first time I’m introduced to the aqua pads. I was a little skeptical about the snow tires but they were great. A little harder, snags less, little break in time, and looks cool. A great choice on response. Last, the finish is a pyramatte. This finish is made by tumbling the yoyo in a pyramid shaped media and anodized giving it a really smooth finish makes this finish. So far really impressed on the choices made on the yoyo.

Not bad at all. When I put it through its paces, it is very nimble, powerful yet graceful. Great spin times also. The Summit has a great amount of control. You can go fast and technical, or slow and graceful. The Summit is good at chopsticks, horizontal, whips, and 5a.Can get the width get in the way of tech tricks? At first, sometimes but not all the time. But after awhile it doesn’t get in the way as often.

pros and cons

Side effects
Snow tire response
Pyramatte finish
Ten ball bearing
Very stable
Can be a good choice for competition
Does a good job at horizontal
Nice laser engravings

The width can get in the way of tech tricks

Final thoughts
The Summit is absolutely astounding. This is a great yoyo, no doubt about it. Now this leads up to one final question. “Does it play more like an Avalanche or Cascade?” To be honest, neither. The Summit is its own yoyo and has a unique feel that makes it its own. The power and speed of The Avalanche. And the graceful, stable, forgiving nature of the Cascade. All I have to say is Get. One. Now.

(Once again please be easy on comments)


Pretty good review for your first one! :slight_smile:


good review but one question
is it the solid dark blue edition from yoyoexpert?
Im just wondering because someone told me that there two different blues for the summit so that got me kinda confused


Excellent review!


Great review! Completely agree with everything you said.


Why is there a foam cube?


Kangaroo, it’s to kinda protect the yoyo and hold it in its place when it’s in the box.


Oh. They should soak it in Monkey Finger Buff, or something like that.


One Drop packs all their yoyos with a foam cube, just to keep the yo-yo snug in the box.


Thanks guys for the good feedback on the review!