onedropxclyw Summit


This is my first review so constructive criticism is appreciated.

Diameter: 55.5 mm/ 2.19 inches
Width: 46.0mm/ 1.81 inches
Bearing: size c (onedrop 10 ball bearing)
Response: CLYW Snow Tire Response (Aqua)
Weight: 66.75 grams

First Impressions:
When I first felt the summit, I felt how incredibly smooth the finish is. It was my first high end yoyo, and first CLYW/onedrop, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I picked it up and instantly liked it.

First Throws:
The summit comes stock with a ondrop 10 ball bearing, making each throw extremely quite and smooth. I was playing it for a while and thought I was losing spin time, so I brought it back up, and it came up pretty fast. The Summit felt some hat floaty with a little bit of a solid feel on the string.

-smooth finish
-long spin times
-side effects
-one drop 10 ball bearing
-long grinds 9because of the smooth finish)

-I honestly can’t think of any cons about the summit

The summit is a great yoyo! It has a large catch zone making it easy to land on the string. It is to me a little bit of a wider yoyo but that’s not a problem, it makes it easy to land on the string. It has great spin times, good stability, somewhat floaty, Aqua snow tires, smooth finish making for long grinds, and a one drop 10 ball bearing.

The summit is a great throw! If your thinking of getting a new yoyo, get the summit. One drop and clyw nailed it.


If Apollo2 comes here telling you about how the summit sucks, ignore him


Okay, lol


Great review! I agree with a lot of what you said, but definitely compare it to other high end yoyos if you get the chance. It might change your opinion. For instance, my first high end metal was an 888 and I was like “OMG BEST YOYO EVAAAAAAAR!!!” But now that I have more yoyos, I realize that, although I still like it, there are some better yoyos for my style of play. Just a thought.


Yes, let us all play the “don’t let other people have their own opinion” game


With the summit I had trouble with the wideness, but I got used to it. It’s nothing like the hot, that thing feels wiiiiide.

Nice review! I totally agree.


Good review but It could use pictures, and more details.Those things are important. Sometimes without pictures its kinda boring. And details are a little short. You should make them a minimum of 5-8 sentences. Oh and an intro. Intro are pretty important. In a intro you put in history of the yoyo or a relating story.
But in my opinion of the review
a solid B
I did like how you made everything you written accurately about the yoyo.
Good job.


Well, apollo2 does trash it a lot… And it might change his opinion. Think about it, he doesn’t have a lot of high ends, so if we tell him ots bad, he’s gonna think" why did I get this!!!"


I don’t think you can change his opinion by telling him it’s a good yoyo…


Nice review. The Summit was my first high end throw too:)


Good first review and I do agree that you should compare to other yoyos but still a great review. Summit was my first high metal too


Yeah man definitely get some more yo yos so you can do some comparisons.
I must say I love the summit, it’s light fast and fun. And I’m not saying I like other yo yo’s better, but they are all so different. I have to say though, that the H.O.T. is amazing as well.


The Summit is such a great yoyo. Probably my favorite outside of my Draupnir right now.