Summit Questions

So, I’m planing on getting a summit (CLYW), as my first CLYW (onedrop, LeftyLink, sorry, I forgot about them), I don’t know what to expect?

What are some of the characteristics

-Float v. Heft?

Also give One Drop some love

This might help-

Thanks LeftyLink! That really helped! I just need more info from some more players.


-tight binds, and snow tires is a really long lasting response

-I’m pretty sure it’s One Drop’s signature pyramatte finish, which is pretty good for grinds

-OneDrop 10-ball bearing, very nice flat bearing

-Plays at an average to faster pace, but can slow down for slower play as well

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That is Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for the mini review. I think I will be getting it. I just need a bit more people to write, see over all input. Y’know?

Agreed with that assessment. “Pretty good for grinds” is probably accurate, though I’m such a grind fiend that I usually characterize it as “barely passable” for grinds. :wink: Compared to shiny finishes, at least it grinds. But I’m not a fan.

Other than that, the yoyo’s an absolute treat. Floatier than you’d think from the pictures.

I love my summit, I love the surface, and on top of that, if you are getting a color way you like, you cannot go wrong.

I’ve heard it’s floaty, but I’m with you, it didn’t look like it would be floaty in the pics at all! I’m one for grinds as well and I wanted one that was meh on the grinds, but you could still grind

Yeah, I’m jumping on a Nickel Plated

I jumped on the 1/10 Confetti, and it is so beautiful.

The Summit is an Awesome Throw I Love Mine

Its good for slower play but you can push it to go faster if you want

its pretty good for grinds

And OD 10 balls are really smooth

Nickel will grind worse :stuck_out_tongue:

Summit is not floaty lol, although the lighter prototypes were. Its very stable and solid

I’ve played a bunch o’ yoyos. I’m not saying it’s the float king or anything, but I would hardly describe it as solid, either. It’s also not a stability giant; with the weight distribution of the cascade (more toward the middle) it sacrifices a bit of stability compared to the rim-weighted beasts around.

That middle weight is also what contributes to the “floaty” feel.

We must be playing two different yoyos. ;D


I enjoyed the Summit a lot. I had a nickel one as well, grinds are terrible on nickel so you shouldn’t be expecting much in that regard. Despite how much I enjoyed the Summit, I really feel that the AC2 basically replaces the Summit in the CLYW lineup as far as play goes. SEs, colorways, availability and price will guarantee that the Summit has a decent following for some time, despite the existence of the AC2.

Alright. I think I’m going to get the pink. Mainly because it is better for grinds. It looks a lot better personally with the engraving.

I have a pink one too :smiley:

I find that polished nickel grinds the worst. Now if it was either soda blasted or straight Pyramatte, grinds are stellar.

I would describe the play as floaty, yet solid. Thanks in part to the weight placement inside the wall. There really isn’t a way I can think of to describe it. Seriously just got to pick one up and try.

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Thanks for the input from the manufacturer! That is really cool! I just thought the nickel was soda blasted, not polished. I had a nickel plated yoyo soda blasted, and the grinds were awesome!

P.S. I’m kinda a big fan of your style. Your my inspiration.

I got one! I got a Frog and Toad Summit and it plays as wonderfully as it looks. I picked one up at the throwdown and I am happy I did.

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