Clyw summit review


Hello everybody! Today, I’ll be reviewing the Clyw summit. This yoyo was a combination between Onedrop’s cascade and the Clyw avalanche (which I’ll have a review for later). Clyw and Onedrop are both very well known companies worldwide. So how did it turn out? Let’s find out.

here are some specs;

body width:46mm
response and bearing: Clyw snow tires and Onedrop 10-ball

Want to see pictures? click the links below. (yes, I know I suck at pictures)

the yoyo

Grade one; quality. The Summit is made out of very High quality aluminum. I have never gotten a dent in the metal from hitting it on something. The ultra-lights that it came with are nice, but I wish it came with domes, or even spikes to make it heavier and make it look better. You do always have the option to replace them though. The anodized finish is also very high grade. Of course you’re going to get some of the color to chip off, but it remains on the yoyo, even after hitting something.


Grade two; shape. The shape of the Summit is also pretty nice. I personally love the shape of the avalanche, and that is basically what the body of the summit looks like. It is wider, and it is very easy to reject and catch the yoyo on the string. The rims look exactly like the Cascade. I like the look and feel of the yoyo in my hand. I have never had a big problem. It is hard to do thumb grinds though.

the body

Grade three: response and bearing. This won’t be long. I don’t really love the Clyw snow tires, they’re a little too responsive in my opinion. I do like the bearing though, even if it is a little loud. I would recommend putting a konkave bearing on it with k-pads.

Grade four: play. The play of this yoyo is SSSSOOOO SMOOTH. It is probably the smoothest yoyo I have every thrown. Unfortunately for me, it isn’t fast at all. I do like faster players than this, but the play is still great. It is very floaty, and the Summit is good a rejections. For horizontal, it is good, but for some reason, I can’t get it to stay horizontal, while I can always have my avalanche horizontal. That’s really disappointing, but if you’re already amazing at horizontal, you most likely know how to prevent this.


quality: 8/10
response and bearing: 7/10
play: 8/10

final thoughts: this yoyo is a great 8/10, but compared to the avalanche? You should stick to the avalanche in my opinion.


Love mine too.

Are you talking OG or new avalanche?



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Is it worth it?


Yes. It’s one of my favorite throws, and is my every day carry. It’s always in a holster on my belt.


(Ian) #8

When I played it with spikes instead of the ultralights I knew I had to order one.
It made all the difference for me.


Nice might get one


Sorry, I really didn’t know how, thanks!


The summit is much better then the avalanche IMO, love both though