Another CLYW like the Summit

I just got my first metal yoyo, The Summit, and I absolutely love it! Now I’m planning on saving up for another CLYW yoyo similar to it. Any suggestions? I’m particularly considering the Chief or the Yeti (I realize it’s way cheaper).

Also I’m very curious what organic shaped means.

If you want a good plastic, get the rally. It’s 100% better than the yeti imo. If you’re going to get another clyw, see if you can get the chief. It’s one of the best, and it lives up to all its’ hype.


Ok. I’ve had my eye on the Rally for a while.

The rally is amazing, I love it ALMOST as much as my summit. It’s that good. Other CLYW like the summit… The avalanche. Very very close feeling for me. Then again the cascade is very very similar to the summit. But the avalanche and cascade are nothing like each other… So that’s my 2c.

Bottom line- CLYW like the summit, only the avalanche really. The rally is an epic plastic and one of my favorite throws out of many high end metals I own.

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Sounds like the Rally’s even better than I thought! Even if it’s not like the Summit. What are some other really good CLYW yoyos that I might like? (besides all of them)

You can’t hate a chief… Avalanches are good but chiefs are better… BVM2 is really good. FYI the rally is actually a good bit like the summit in my opinion. Floaty. Stable… Yeah. The summit is better, but the rally is still awesome.

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If the Summit is better than the Rally I’ll probably save up for a Chief instead (my money’s pretty short right now).

I hear the chief is amazing, but it’s hard to get better than a summit :wink:

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Still sounds awesome though. Actually here’s an interesting question. Buying yoyos I don’t just want to get the same ones. What’s a CLYW yoyo that’s really different from the Summit?

^^^^^^^I own many clyws and the answer to your question is either puffin or cliff.

Puffin is faster, lighter, awesomer

Cliff is huge and super light. Very fun

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Organic shape means the yoyo is rounded. I have attached an example of an organic shaped yoyo at the bottom.

The Cliff is a great yoyo. It’s fun, huge, floaty, and nearly the exact opposite of the Summit. You can’t go wrong with a Chief, which is a great yoyo, and caters to many playstyles.

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Chief or BVM2. Way different.

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If you want something similar to the summit, get an Arctic Circle. Plays pretty close IMO!

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I’ll agree that the BVM2 is very different

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It sounds like I should either get the Cliff, Bvm2, or the Chief (those are the most fun looking ones to me).

I’ve been interested in trying out Moebius. Would any of these yoyo’s be good for that? (doesn’t really matter. just curious).

I’m doing more research now about which one I might like.

Thanks for all the responses!

i hear the chief is good but the avalanche has a shape thats more similar to the summit if thats what you want

I don’t agree, at least with the Arctic circle I have. The arctic circle is fast, solid, and almost undersized. The summit on the other hand is floaty, pretty big, and not the fastest throw in the world.

I agree with your disagreement.

If the OP wants something similar to the Summit, I think the closest bet would be the Avalanche. From what I understand, the Summit(which I’ve played and it’s amazing) is a merging of the Avalanche with the Cascade.

Another option might be the Puffin but it plays very different.

Look, if the OP wants a Summit, get it. Oen ends up getting CLYW and One Drop quality but at a price tag generally higher than One Drop but also generally lower than CLYW. If one is not not completely thrilled with it, try different side effects.

As a few others have already recommended, get the Chief… It’s amazing. Most stable thing I’ve ever played

I would strongly recommend the Chief, for what you are looking for. I think it has a similar fun feel. I think every thrower should own a Chief at some point at time.