Which CLYW throw you guys prefer ?

Which CLYW throw you guys prefer ?
The most voted CLYW’s throw I will buy it ;D

Y no puffin or cliff?

My mistake :o Both of it had been added to the poll

No BvM2 love (or any of the older CLYW stuff for that matter)?

I think he is referring to stuff available in the yye store.

Cliff for the win. Awesome for 1a and even better for 5A

Since it is the only one I currently own… The Yeti.

Poll updated with more options.

Well I only have 2 but I’m getting a bvm2 soon ;D. From the two I hav:

Puffin: super fun to throw. It’s kinda light on the string, but also extremely nimble. It’s uber floaty but stable at the same time.

Summit: scary smooth and has side effects. It’s kinda the hot yoyo this year and there’s good reason for it! It’s floaty. This one is fun all around, but I reach for my puffin if I’m going to go somewhere to show off.

The one that has a splatter paint colorway

The blue one.

I like the bvm 1 :slight_smile:

no bvm or peak?

Chief always wins yo.

Quite hard to decide which to buy :o

besides the results of the poll, you should think about your personal preferences. At the moment, it looks like the summit or the chief will win.
When i bought my Summit, i’ve also had to choose between the Chief and the Summit.
I have small hands and am not quite tall. Maybe that’s the reason, why i usually prefer undersized Yoyos.

When i threw the chief for the first time, i was really stoked. It played very smooth and very stable. But i recognized, it also felt a little too big for me, when i was trying to do more complicated Tricks.

The Summit is only a little bit smaller in diameter and it’s even a little wider than the Chief, but it’s much easyer to control for me, when it comes to difficult tricks. But i am pretty sure, there’s at least 67 Members in this Forum, who would say exactly the opposite.

So if you have any chance to try before buy - do it!

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I’m new to yoyo-ing , and also I rarely got the chance to try CLYW’s yoyo. But a guy who teach me how to yoyo told me that buy CLYW’s yoyo and I wont regret about it , when it comes to deciding which to buy , I don’t know which to buy :o

Which is your favourite yoyo you’ve been throwing so far?

I like the Glacier Express. It’s just, awesome.

Now I’m using YoYoSkeel’s satisfaction