Help me to pick two CLYW 's

So I haven’t gotten a CLYW throw in a while and my grandpa said u can get 2 CLYW throws. What do u think I should get.

What I currently own
65g chief
Snow day avalanche
1st run fg root beer blizzard
Blue blizzard gnarwhal
Purple / with red splash woolly marmot

I was looking into the cliff ac and bvm2

I do have have other companies but recommend

Peak and cliff.

AC and BvM2. :wink:

*disclaimer: I’ve never played a BvM2. But that’s what I’d get. :wink:

AC and Cliff. By far the best of the ones you listed.
And You own all of my favorite CLYW! Hah :slight_smile:
I miss my 65 gram Chief.
I do have 3 66g Chiefs. So I’m good :smiley:

This is what I’d get.

I have both, so I’d get them.

Actually I think other than a 1st run Chief and a 1 and 3rd run Peak, I have all the rest of their models and am very pleased!

Definitely BvM2. Cliff if you want a more fun throw, AC if you want a better competition throw.

Out of those, I like the cliff and the AC the best. However, those are my preferences. The bvmr2 is good, not to my liking.

love the cliff, very floaty which you wouldn’t expect for that size and weight

love the arctic circle, very great play out of this guy, competition ready

can’t go wrong with a new chief, my favorite clyw working on getting another i have owned 2

I’d grab an BvM2 and a GE :slight_smile:

You already have most of the really good CLYW (and some not so good :-)). The only one I would add is the BvM2, but it plays so similar to the Avalanche; which you already have.

Perhaps you should branch out to other manufacturers?

Which ones would you say he has that are not so good?

I have a complete set of CLYW’s, minus a 1st and 3rd run Peak and the heavier run Chief(is that 1st or 2nd run?), and I can’t find anything wrong with any of them as far as play or performance.

I will agree with branching out to other companies.


Nobodys saying summit… Why not?

Many people do not consider the Summit to be a “true” CLYW as it was a colab. I see that and can understand that as to me the Summit feels more like a One Drop.

When ppl ask me what my fav One Drop is and or CLYW it can never be the Summit as it is neither one nor the other it is both…

If that makes sense…

It’s a great yoyo, worthy of purchase and enjoyment. I played one at CalStates and really liked it.

I however won’t be buying one. I like things to be “single brand”. The Summit straddles two brands: One Drop and CLYW, both being brands I like a lot. It seems then that a collab of these two brands would be perfect for me. Yet, it’s not going to happen for me.

As far as my recommending it, I certainly would. But, the OP said “CLYW”, not collab.

But do you think the summit is a good idea for a first clyw/OD?

Well, between the Summit and other OD/CLYW collaboration, the Wooly Markmont., I’d take the Summit in terms of play.

Let’s take the CLYW/OD issue out of the equation and let the yoyo stand on its own merits.

The Summit is an excellent yoyo, period. I have no problems recommending this yoyo to just about anyone.

For a first CLYW and/or OD, it’s excellent. For a second, third, whatever, it’s still excellent. For a first metal, it’s excellent. For another metal, it’s excellent. The only way it wouldn’t be excellent is if you end up not liking it. The same risk with the Summit is the same risk with any yoyo: what will your preferences tell you about this after you get it?

Oh man, I don’t care for the Wooly Marmot that much. The Summit, in my experience and impression, is a far better performer.


My faves are the ac and summit. Amazing throws