Help me to pick two CLYW 's

To me my two favorite CLYW’s have to be the Arctic Circle and Canvas and I’ve tried my fair share of CLYW.

To me the Arctic Circle is one of the most competitive throws they have, others include the Chief, BvM2 and Avalanche.

The Canvas is to me a more relaxing throw but still a very nice throw indeed.

I would try another brand. Branch out more. Maybe g2? Werrd?YYR?

c3 yoyo token you wanna you know you so! Best 28 bux you’ll spend.

Peak and Glacier Express


Canvas and puffin

Puffin and Glacier Express
Best :slight_smile:

Cliff and Arctic Circle, only CLYWs that seem to be calling me

you cant go wrong with a summit but every thrower likes different yoyos