Help me pick my CLYW

Would prefer a Full size throw but don’t really completely care want something with a good grinding surface and good sleep time

Well it would help if we knew some of you prefrances

Fiesta xx is better than go big IMO
I’d get the $145 arctic circle and the fiesta xx

avalanche has the best sleep times. maybe the cliff will change that, though.

I say chief or glacier express.

I love them!!! :slight_smile:

Honestly, I like the Arctic Circle more than the Chief so I’d go with an Arctic Circle deal or the Avalanche. But wait for the next run of AC and get the Confetti because it looks AMAZING.

I really like the Arctic Circle personally, but I’d cut it out of the equation. It’s pretty similar to the Avalanche, but it’s not as good. And I don’t mean I don’t like it as much, I mean it’s far less stable to the point that it seems obvious to me when I play them. The Avalanche is just one of the most solid players around.

The Chief mixes things up a bit and is a great throw in it’s own right, so a competitor for the Avalanche. But, it’s also a much larger feeling throw, and to me, feels much more floaty. The Avalanche really comes out of the hand strong and has some weight to it on the string, by comparison. I know which I prefer most of the time (Ava), so if you have a preference on either of these things I’d say those are the key differences.

…and just to throw this out there, I like the Puffin better than all of them. Stable, great size, hits tricks and flies through the air with authority. Objectively, one of the better throws I’ve played period.

I would definitely go with the Chief or Avalanche. Normally I would recommend the Sasquatch over any other (its my favorite CLYW) but it doesn’t suit everyone’s preferences like it does mine. The Avalanche is the same throw only a gram lighter. I would probably say get a Chief if you have the scratch. It’s one of the best on the market right now. Though, the OG Avalanche is dang good in its own right. I would pick one of those two. Can’t go wrong.

There are more differences from those two than just weight. Shape is teensy bit different, but very much alike, and weight distribution feels way different. The only thing similar about those two throws is the shape.

The Avalanche is hands down the best CLYW throw i have used, and i have used almost all the ones people talk about including Multiple AC’s, tons of Chiefs, multiple Gnars, Multiple Avalanches, and more.

The only thing different about the shape is that the Avalanche had those grooves cut into the rims, which takes away that gram of weight. That is all. Yes they play differently, but only because of the weight difference.

i guess we can agree to disagree


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The choices are:
Gnarwhal & Go Big
Avalanche & Go Big
Arctic Circle Normal Color & Go Big
Arctic Circle $145 and Fiesta
Chief & Fiesta

First and foremost, preferences are key. I like BOTH the Go Big and the Fiesta XX. However, when it comes down to me stating a preference, I prefer the Fiesta XX better. Both are excellent. I’d easily recommend both to beginners and competitors. But I do prefer the Fiesta XX.

The Gnarwal is a smaller yoyo. At 52mm in diameter, it technically classifies as undersized. Take that as you will. I prefer full sized, but this is one I go to quite a but. Fun, compact, definitely competition grade, but not in the current competition trend.

Ava, AC and Chief are where it’s at for CLYW for competition. However, thew new Puffin is gonna be one to watch, that’s for sure. But, ignore the Puffin for now since its not on your list. You can’t go wrong with the other three. It’s a matter of preferences. I am leaning towards the Chief, but the AC is no slacker. The new Ava is really nice but I prefer my older one better. Maybe I just need more time with it. That’s OK, I own it, I have all the time in the world. They an all grind really good, but the Ava can do IRG’s a bit better.

I’d like to get off the topic of sleep times. Sleep times is only really practical for sleep competitions, bearing evaluations and challenging yourself. All the sleep time in the world means nothing if you’re not throwing strong and straight and playing clean. If you’re getting sufficient spin times to get you through your combos and bring it back, you’re doing fine. If you’re not able to get through your combos, the first examine your technique, then your throw. But, if your throw isn’t level and straight, you MUST correct that problem first. Then get the strength back, then the technique should follow. My problems can involve multiple elements, including “doing too much and running out of spin time”.

Now, back to selections:
Some of your choices are costly. It’s a shame there’s nobody near you with this stuff for you to try out. It’s just an expensive gamble. I do hope it’s a gamble you win. I like everything you’ve mentioned, so I’d have no issues with it.

Chief all the way i own all the clyw’s and the chief is by far the best full size throe by clyw in my opinion.

Just dont get a GE lol. I was in love with mine when I had it only due to the price I paid for it lol. Unless you really like H shape with really heavy rims. Id go for the AC a chief or a puffin.