CLYW: What is the best?

Which throw is the best. & which throw is best for its price?

Fools Gold Avalanche $60.00

Summit $115.00

Gnarwhal $119.00

Sasquatch $120.00

New Avalanche $125.00

Arctic Circle $135.00

Bear Vs Man 2 $135.00

Chief $145.00

Puffin $145.00

CLIFF $155.00

Glacier Express $155.00

I usually see alot of people using Cliff, Chief, and Puffin But id rather not spend that much on a throw then not like it. (mostly because i dont know which shape i really prefer when i throw)

The Gnarwhal, Sasquatch, BVM2, and Avalanche i see alot of people own but not use.
& im wondering will the summit be the same way. its around the prices of those throws.

buy the summit or a fg avalanche ;D

IMO Chief is the best. If you don’t wanna spend that much, go for a Sasquatch.

There is no best yoyo. Asking what the best yoyo is, is exactly like asking what the best type of food is. What may be best for you may not be the best for me… it’s ALL PREFERENCE. There is no best.

My FAVORITE is the CLYW Chief, but the CLYW Avalanche is generally considered the best value CLYW. It’s play is on par with the Chief’s; this is also the case with the Arctic Circle. I feel the Summit and Bear vs. Man is all hype, and when it dies down, then we should decide how they match up against the rest of the CLYW line. Gnarwal and Sasquatch are just average yoyos, Cliff and Glacier express are…different.

Just remember though, there is no best yoyo. It’s all preference. That’s a biggie on this forum.

It seems we’ve been getting a lot of “best yoyo” threads. Any CLYW will be great so even in the worst case scenario you’ll end up with an awesome yoyo. Personally, I miss my old Gnar and I’d really like to get another Marmot. But the Summit looks like something I’d really enjoy so I plan on getting one if I have some extra cash when it drops.

They are probably all good. I’ve only experienced two of clyw throws so far and they both did not disappoint.

As long as this forum exists, there will always be “best yoyo” threads. Gotta either sigh and give the same advice over and over, or ignore them. Or ignore most of them and sigh and give the same advice occasionally to a particularly earnest member. :wink:

If you’re only getting one CLYW, it’s pretty hard to not recommend the Chief. Gnarwhal, Cliff, Puffin… all fairly preference-oriented throws. Avalanche should also appeal to a broad spectrum. I haven’t played any others to compare, but out of the ones I’ve played, I think the Chief is most likely to hit the most sweet spots for the largest number of people.

Best value? FG Avalanche definitely. I’m absolutely in love with it, and I haven’t detected any real flaws at all. It’s also literally half the price of the regular one. Really can’t go wrong with a deal like that.

Puffins my fav but all are great throws

The best VALUE on that list is by far the FG Avalanche. I’ve got a FG Chief and it is flawless as far as I can tell — Chris is just extremely picky. As far as the best yoyo is concerned, well no one can answer that. Only you can figure that out for yourself, and most of us here still haven’t found our own “best” yoyo.

I have owned the Chief, Arctic Circle and Gnarwhal, and i think the one that is easier to love is the Chief, it is well balanced in every aspect you can think of. The Arctic Circle on the other side keeps spinning no matter what, and for that reason i think i like it the most. The Gnarwhal is average, as someone has previously stated, it is incredibly smooth, but i really think its spin time is super short, even if you throw hard and you string stays centered it loses momentum real fast.

The Arctic Circle is my favorite, but if i had to choose, i will go for the Chief.


Glacier Express is pretty fun. Kind of weird (but very good) mix of solid and floaty for me. Extremely comfortable too. I’ve only tried that, the Wooly Marmot, and the OG BvM though.

I’ll tell you what I can about the ones I have -

Fool’s Gold Ava: Absolutely a steal. Not only a great yoyo, but the ano on it is a gorgeous texture. I don’t have any others with the same silkiness.

Summit: AMAZING. Probably not competition fast, but completely smooth and extremely maneuverable. Just the right balance of float and presence.

Arctic Circle: Long spinning and heavy feeling. The combination of width and diameter make it feel like it can fit anywhere but still catch the string. Not my favorite, but that’s just me.

Bear Vs. Man 2: If I was anywhere near competition level, skillwise - I’d be using this. Stable, long spinning and precise. No float, but it still feels really maneuvarable.

Chief: As much love as the Chief gets, I don’t play mine very much. That being said, it’s super stable and spins nice and long. I think mine just feels a bit too light for me. I did try out a different version at PNWR, and am definitely thinking about getting a 7075 edition of it.

Puffin: I love it. It’s real hoppy and great for tight spaces (chopsticks and such) a but not particularly stable. Fun fun fun.

Cliff: Another one I love just for how fun it is. It’s huge, but it’s somehow one of the floatiest throws I own. A joy to play with, however you have to watch out how you catch it. It can easily do some damage to your middle knuckle on a catch.

You also might want to consider the Canvas. You can’t get it on YYE, but if you poke around they are available. In fact, the Raised by Wolves edition is out now, and it’s a good price. Canvas is really a fun throw - very classic, very comfortable.

Fools Gold Avalanche $60.00 Great price point and I hear they play great… (not that much vibe)

Summit $115.00 I have yet to play one but I think it will be one of if not the best of the bunch. GREAT price point with SE’s…

Gnarwhal $119.00 Awesome little yoyo. Probably not what you might be looking for though.

Sasquatch $120.00 This was always to heavy for me (preference though)

New Avalanche $125.00 I LOVE the new Avalanche. It can do anything!!! Plays super fast… Stable and spins forever. Again great price point (for CLYW)

Arctic Circle $135.00 Love the look but it has a tad too much weight for its design (for me) Still a fine player though.

Bear Vs Man 2 $135.00 This yoyo is phenominal… I played a friends for a good 5-10 mins and I loved to… Very solid, stable and long spinning yoyo.

Chief $145.00 The Chief is an all time classic throw… Price is a bit high but IMHO its worth it

Puffin $145.00 I REALLY enjoy the Puffin. For me its the funnest yoyo I own… I just smile when I throw it… Light and quick… I find it to be very stable too… (some do not)

CLIFF $155.00 Great yoyo… A bit too big for me.

Glacier Express $155.00 This is an underated yoyo IMHO…

My advice is to go with an Avalanche… FG or regular… You will not be dissapointed

I would scrounge the BST for a cheap Chief.

Occasionally I get bored of the Chief, but after I pick it up from a week long break I am always astonished by it.

I’ve also always found the Puffin to be rather stable. It’s one of those things that shouldn’t really be a matter of opinion… either it’s stable or not! But maybe I’ve played so few true stability “monsters” that I’m just comparing to the wrong throws.

I’m working on a comparison of every CLYW model ever.

that way if you’re not sure… you can check.

some of the photos aren’t showing up… so I’ll need to figure out how to fix that…

but in the meanwhile, feel free to browse what’s there.

I’ll update comparisons as time goes on.

My top 5…(doesn’t include the summit since that’s a collab)

  1. Bvm2
  2. Chief
  3. Avalanche
  4. AC
  5. Puffin or Sas or canvas

I’m loving my 7075 Chief. Not the way to go on price point though.