need help picking a CLYW yoyo

i am picking up a CLYW yoyo soon i just need help choosing one.
i already have a chief and arctic circle.
i was thinking about getting the glacier express or the avalanche but wanted some advice on what i should get.

No one can really tell you that, especially without knowing your preferences (or even if you HAVE preferences). All I can tell you is that my first CLYW will probably be an Arctic Circle, but that I LOVE playing all of the CLYWs in my friend/colleague’s collection (Puffin, Gnarwhal, Chief, Cliff, H5xChief). They’re all winners and all so different from one-another.

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I would go for the avalanche if you want full sized, ad the gnarwhal if you want a smaller throw!

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FG Avalanche gets my recommendation.


Fool’s Gold Avalanche. At only $60 (plus about $15 shipping), it’s a good way to get into CLYW without throwing a huge sum of money around.


Besides vibe is like an enhancement like hubstacks. I’ll Vibes.


As many before have mentioned, the fool’s gold avalanche would be a fantastic choice. I got mine before the newer run but I’ve gotta say it’s definitely one of my favorite throws, and who doesn’t love getting a super good throw for cheaper just because it has a tiny bit vibe on grinds? It’s capable of most anything, and is a fantastic player. I hardly notice the vibe, it’s usually really smooth and it only has a miniscule vibe on grinds, totally worth it in my opinion!

Everyones right, the Avalanche is the bees knees yo, although i do not have the FG, couldnt vouch for it. But its a very nice throw. Good weight. Deaaadd smooth. Thumbs up forsure!