New Avalanche?

Hi! I’m back again for more recommendations! I see the new Ava has come out again. How is it? I’m not looking to get too many CLYW’s because of the expense so I want to get the best one’s. I know that either way, I’m not going to be disappointed, but I just want to make the right choice. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Not really sure what you are asking, but if you are asking how it is compared to the original then they are both really good.
The new one feels a bit better for competition style and feels more stable and solid to me while the old one has a lighter feel and feels more floaty.
Both are really good yoyos and personally I’m not sure which one I prefer.

The Comeback Avalanche plays great. It’s one of the most lower priced CLYW’s but has amazing performance.

“Best” s a matter of preferences, or mood. I think most people feel the Chief is the best. I am inclined to agree. The AC is also fantastic. Absolutely nothing wrong with the Avalanche.

What do you need? What are you looking for?

Haha sorry, it was a pretty bad explanation… I was trying to say I am not able to get too many CLYW return tops, so I want to make the best choices on what to get. Since more of the New Avalanches have released I was asking if they are a good choice. Again, sorry for the bad explanation, but the other information Is still helpful!

I am looking for the “best” choice. I would like something stable and fast but looking for it to be unique.

If you are looking for uniqueness then I’d definitely recommend the Chief over the Avalache.
I feel like it’s easier to go faster on the chief too.
Have you ever considered the puffin? In my opinion that’s the fastest playing CLYW throw and for me it’s the one easiest to maneuver in fast tech tricks. It’s also a really unique throw but a bit less stable than the other two.

But like Studio42 said, most people will like the chief the best but I prefer the puffin over it because of the smaller diameter and faster play.

I too love the puffin. Palli, please make sure this next version is just as good! ;D


BEST is a relative term when it comes to yoyo, based on your wants/desires/needs/preferences. What is your best choice may not be my best choice. However, since you’re singling out the Comeback Avalanche, it will meet all your requirements except fast, but it can play and move fast. It moves more medium/fast but gladly takes to being moved faster while staying stable.

At this point in time, there is NOTHING unique about any CLYW: There’s enough out there! That’s good. Then again, there’s not much unique about anything unless it’s new.

Thanks everyone! I’ll definitely consider the puffin and chief!

The Puffin isn’t for everyone, but I love it. Easily my favourite CLYW out of those I’ve tried, with Chief in second place. I do recognize that Chief appeals to a broader spectrum of different tastes, but if the Puffin suits your preferences, it’s a gem.

Looking forward to seeing what Puffin Part Deux brings to the mix. :wink:

the avalanch is awsome!!! :slight_smile: