Need Help Picking CLYW


Ok so my Dad is giving me $200 for Christmas I plan on getting a speed dial for my friend some lube and then i can either get a Go BIG with either an Arctic Circle a Gnarwhal or a Avalanche or I can get a Fiesta XX and a Chief which would you recommend and why?


Ava or Chief. Why? Because they’re the best playing CLYWs.


you really can’t go wrong with an ava!


Artic circle, its powerful, long spinning agile and smooth, chief is also cool and more forgiving but artic circle is where its a right now :slight_smile: i have a puffin, ac, and chief, puffins ok but not on the same level as these. Ive bwen meaing to get an avalanche but havent

(SR) #5

Get an Avalanche or Chief!


I agree with this. If you’ve never thrown a double rim throw, basically what the Chief is known for bringing into the mainstream, I prefer the Chief over the Arctic Circle. That being said, the Avalanche is probably the best playing CLYW period. It’s amazing. Realistically probably my favorite throw. It can do everything and I do not feel like enough good can be said about the Avalanche. Also, since you plan on getting a Go Big if you get an Avalanche I vote Avalanche and Go Big.

Either way you can’t go wrong. The Arctic Circle really is also a wonderful throw, it comes down to personal preference. While my heart says Avalanche, go with whatever looks the best/what color scheme you prefer, etc…you’ll be happy whichever direction you choose.


Cliff. Will be out very soon, looks to combine the best attributes of all of their throws, and if you don’t like it the resale will be high anyway.