clyw reccomendation

Well my dad said if I raise 75 he could match it for a new clyw. I really want one with double rims so I was looking at the puffin,chief,artic circle,and maybe the cliff. want something fast,stable,and great at grinds. My fav throws atm are the northstar,h.o.t.,irony jp,and code 1 , want something that is reminiscent of those i guess

For sure get the Chief or Arctic Circle. Without a doubt one of those two.

get them all!!! but sounds like the artic circle would be the one that fits your “fast, stable, and great at grinds.” It is also the least “floaty” out of the four… I would personally go with the chief if it was my only clyw, but I play the puffin and cliff just about as much as the chief… So you won’t regret getting any of them.

Both the Chief and AC are beasts. I prefer the AC due to its slightly smaller size.

Can’t go wrong with the Chief or Arctic Circle, the Chief is floaty and AC is great at grinds. If i had to pick one, i couldn’t, they are both absolutely amazing throws.

Probably Arctic circle, it fits your preferences more it seems.

The puffin is blazingly fast and very stable but not a great grinder. The chief’s shape doesn’t seem to lend itself to grinding either, but its insanely popular and stable. The cliff I would describe as floaty which was not one of your preferences.

I’m getting a pekka ac how does the extra weight alter the yoyo?