Looking at CLYWs and YYRs PLEASE HELP!

My birthday is on Saturday and my dad said he would buy me any yoyo under $200 and right now I’m looking at Gnarwhal, Puffin, Arctic Circle, Chief , New Avalanche, YYR Messiah, E=mc²+2 ,6& Something Angle
Which one would you reccomend b/c I just want some input I don’t really have any preferences
Note: My favorite throw is the Majesty
Want something on smaller side but don’t care a whole lot, I want something with good grinds, stable, at least 65 grams, long spin times, plays medium to fast, wider gap.
Right now I’m thinking either a Messiah a Puffin or a Cliff

I’ve owned all of them but the Angle, my recommendation is Chief. I personally like the Puffin the best, but that’s because it fits my preference. I like the smaller diamter, wider shape that we’re seeing more and more recently with things like this and the Cascade. I think they’re a good mix between full size stability and undersize speed.

But, the Chief is the one that pretty much anyone could pick up and find something to like about it. I actually can’t think of one negative thing to say about it. If you’re going to gamble without trying a throw first, this is the one to gamble on.


You have a lot of excellent choices. I’d really like to have you get some preferences or at least things you favor to help direct you. For the costs, it would suck to make a bad purchase.

I have all the CLYW’s you mentioned. I’d say the choice is between the Chief and the AC, with leanings towards the Chief. The Gnarwal is at the bottom of the midsized diameter, so it must be taken in mind. The AC I think is midsized as well.

I don’t own the rest so I can’t say, but I will be getting an Angle sometime this year.

Can’t go wrong with a One Drop. I think their best models are the Code 1, Code 2 and Cascade, with my preferences wavering between Code 1 and Code 2.

I like the AC, but I sometimes wonder about the praise it gets. It’s very unstable for its size and I know I’m not the only one thinking that. It’s something you expect with a 50/40mm throw, but I was less than impressed with it for a larger throw like this. The Puffin outclasses it handily for me. Actually, the Avalanche without the AC’s Chief Rims is far better.

I’ve tried all of them but the puffin yet, and I would say Angle is the one I liked the most.

Okay, if you love the Majesty, you will love the Chief. It’s bigger but it’s like in the same realm of play and you’ll REALLY like it.


Puffin, or AC.
closest to what you want.
The puffin More so if you want stronger grinds, and speed.

YYRs don’t grind unless you custom blast them, or wear gloves.

Otherwise, I’d say stargazer as it’s most near your specifications.

The cliff is great! But at a hulking 60mm dia it’s 5mm off
And the 6 while great, is 49mm dia so it’s 6mms off!

So AC or puffin
AC for strong string play, with big movements

Puffin for better grinds and great horizontal.

Either way you can’t go wrong!


I made my decision I’m ordering an Ash Berry Puffin thanks guys!:smiley:

good choice