Help me pick my second first metal

Hey! Whats up everybody I’ve been out of the yoyo game for probably close to a year now and i haven’t kept up while i was gone obviously anyways i was playin with my cousins YYR Clash the other day and i was like “dang what the frick possessed me to give this up!?” So im hear to ax you guys for some help i looked at the new CLYW and they all look so flippin rad but it takes more than looks to justify the 135-155 price tag they hold i want one thats

Spins long enough to go through a few tricks on a single spin
Not super light
Kinda plays slower and flows through tricks instead of just whipping around at lightspeed i like my throws mellow
I love the shape of the puffin but i heard that it didnt spin very long at all i also love the way the cheif looks but they are all absolutley stunning those 2 just stood out a hair ahead of the rest in terms of shape and visual appeal but i cant name a single on that wasnt beautiful

I really think both would suit you fine. Pick whichever you like.

I don’t know that Puffin has short spin times… maybe short compared to SOME throws, but by no means does it just die on you randomly. But if you want the more powerful spinner of the two, I think it’s still gotta be the Chief.

I just can’t imagine based on your preferences how either of those yoyos is going to disappoint you, but between the two I believe the Chief might be the way to go.

Could consider a Cliff if you don’t need to do any finger grinds… the gap is just a bit to wide and oddly shaped for comfortable finger grinds for people with average-sized hands (if you have huge hands, disregard… it might work for you!).

I have too many throws, so I have some input on picking up a new one.

If you want slow, puffin is not your answer. It is floaty, wide, and it can be pushed faster than the avalanche. It’s an amazing throw. It sleeps just as long as any other throw now a days. 2?3?4?5 minutes? It’s all the same nowadays.

Okay so if you want slow paced, the code 2, or even genesis are good choices. For a faster pace, if you want to get a clyw since everybody does, it’s all about the chief.

The capless is an amazing medium paced throw, with an amazing price tag to get another yoyo!

Good luck on finding a new throw! If you want a wider throw that can be pushed to the limit, and of corse floaty, the puffin is yours!