I Just want a CLYW already

Ok I’ve been debating for a while what yoyo my dad to get for me for my birthday and right now my top 5 choices are a Gnarwhal,Cliff,Puffin,Chief or Arctic Circle, New Avalanche. I prefer a yoyo that plays medium to fast, not to big, good grinds wide gap and dead smooth please help ive gone back and forth and can’t make a decision.

I just now saw that there is a Bear vs Man “Round 2” coming soon?

I’d go with the Chief. Best all around I think. :slight_smile:

Let me just suggest the Arctic Circle. It is honestly one of the best yoyos I have ever used in my life… I see you have a Majesty from General Yo. It is a contender. The Chief is a little big, the AC is just a tad smaller and plays just as good if not better, so I would suggest getting that. I can’t say enough good things about it. Just save yourself the trouble and tell your dad to get you an Arctic Circle and thank yourself later. This yoyo is insane. Seriously, right now, go tell him, I promise you, you will thank yourself later.

I’d say Chief or Arctic Circle, but no matter which of those 5 you choose you won’t be disappointed.

He said he doesn’t want a yoyo too big. The Chief is pretty big, and like I said in my previous post, the AC is a tad smaller and plays just as good (if not better) than the Chief. Sometimes I can’t even tell the difference. If I had to choose right now, I’d get the AC. It’s just so incredible.

I’ve been throwing my Puffin a lot lately… Wide gap.
IZ sik dude

Puffin is my pick based on your requirements and I do own all of them. It’s one of the faster CLYW throws, and it’s newer than most, which seems to have blessed it with the now-standard CLYW stillwater smoothness.

It also benefits from a mid sized diameter, which should be good for you, but it’s a bit wider than most mid size throws and I think that’s a performance advantage when I’m playing. I’m really liking this profile on the Puffin and Cascade.

The AC is also pretty good, and would probably suit you. It’s a fast, powerful throw where the Chief, and especially the Cliff, is a bit more leisurely. I find the Puffin to be much, much more stable than the AC though, so I would still recommend it first. I wouldn’t consider the Gnar as a competitor for these. Undersize throws are inherently a little less capable than their larger counterparts, I find (but of course can still be fun for their unique speedi-ness).

You make a good point. I love my AC.

The Chief is fantastic. It is a little big though.

Other CLYW that I like is the new Avalanche which is a little smaller and fits your preferences perfectly, even if it isn’t on your list.

The Avalanche is better than all of them! Go with the new avalanche

I personally love the puffin cliff and chief. I have 5 chiefs 2 puffins and 3 cliffs (not for sale or trade). I recomend all of them highly. Arctic circles are ok but I don’t like them as much as the others

AC or Avalanche. But, really, you can’t go wrong with any of those yoyos.

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You really cant unless there is a specific size.

I own a chief and a puffin so I can only give advice on those 2. The chief seems more stable than the puffin to me and also gets longer spin times it seems. The puffin is the only “undersized” yoyo I own but i really like it. The puffin isnt as forgiving as the chief but if undersized is what u like go for it. Hope this helps. I’m sure whatever u decide you will love, happy hunting.

I have all except the ac and the chief wins but there is no bad choice with clyw.

The 65 gram chief is my absolute favorite throw. With that said, the Chief, AC and Avalance are all three fantastic and essential to a good collection. I would say puffin , bvm and gnar would all be awesome as your second clyw.

Go with the Arctic Circle! Best YoYo ever! Or the chief but the chief is a tad bigger. But overall, just go with the Arctic Circle!

I hate the chief. get an AC.