My Last Yoyo. Please help

I want to get a CLYW yoyo, I like fast, good for horizontal, good for grinds, very long spin times, not too large (56 mm is my max) and extremely stable. I cannot pay 155 dollars.

Probably a Chief. To stay under budget, look for a NMIB one (or in even worse condition if it doesn’t bother you).

New and under budget is the Code 2. Hard to beat that one. If you’re not in a rush, stay tuned for the VALOR by One Drop to see if it suits you. I’m not 100% sure I recommend the format:C mainly because it’s not good for grinds and has long but not “very long” spin times.

1 drop format C it looks amazing!

Sounds like a Chief to me. It can go fast if you want it to, decent at horizontal, monster at grinds, very long spin times, and I think 55mm, most stable throw I’ve ever used.

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How does the chief compare to the barracuda?

I wouldn’t call the Chief particularly stable, but it’s not unstable either.

Say wha?? The Chief is exceptionally stable. Oh sure, there are other even more stable yoyos out there (from what I’ve heard, the Stealth Ogre for example) but the Chief will forgive all but the most horrific of slop. It’s one of the more stable throws I’ve played.

Really? Maybe I’m just spoiled.

Don’t have a barracuda, but chiefs are awesome.

Also what about the glacier express? How does that compare?

Also what about the puffin?

I have a barracuda, a chief, a puffin and have played the GE, my favorite of the bunch is the Chief, its a beast at pretty much everything and within budget

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Second opinion anyone? Right now it’s between the chief the puffin and the GE. I’m leaning towards a fools gold GE cuz it’s only 70 dollars. Also what do u guys think of the MFD gelada

Alright, so…

Out of all the the CLYWs, the Chief is probably the most recognized. Why? Because pretty much everyone likes it, it is very rare that you’ll find someone that doesn’t. You won’t hear much about the GE, I’m assuming because there’s nothing really THAT special about it. You’d be better off with a Chief… The Puffin gets some talk, but I still say the Chief, simply because it IS the safest choice. It’s just got something about it that every type of player can like… You want floaty? fast? stable? flowy? It’s all of those things, VERY well rounded.

As for the Gelada, that’s probably a cheaper choice. It’s a quality throw, but if this is really the last yoyo you’re going to get, I think the Chief will VERY likely guarantee a memorable finish, it’s THE yoyo standard. Now, don’t misinterpret me, I’m not saying it’s the best yoyo, but it’s definitely up there, and will very likely satisfy you.

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I would rate the GE right alongside the Puffin in terms of neatness although recently I have been digging the Puffin a little more. I would classify the Chief as a superior yoyo to both the GE and Puffin but the GE/Puffin are a lot more “fun” to me than the Chief.

Chief or summit are your best bets.

The Glacier Express is a super stable competition style throw. It’s spins are mega, it’s very stable and is probably the best regen yoyo out there that dosnt have a high wall.

It dosnt have much hype behind it because few people have played it since until recently it was very limited.


So it’s still between the chief fools gold glacier express and puffin, you know my specifications, but I also want something that’s just fun. Not just boring competition but something that is fun to play on and is also very satisfying to play with

My vote goes to waiting for the One Drop Valor. Tried it at Worlds, made my top 5 throws of all time. I swear, that thing is amazing.