I was wondering if people can compare the chief and the Glacier express I want to get one. I want something that is going to be fun. So If anyone who has played one or both can tell me a little about how they play and if the yoyo feels stable, long spinning and relaxed and fun.

Chief is your guy.

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Really? He names off a bunch of stuff ge wants to know, and you reply with 4 words? Have you tried both throws?

I don’t blame him. He wanted a long spinning, relaxed, and fun yoyo. The Chief is that.

They are so different they are seriously impossible to compare. Well, the Glacier Express is different, and I don’t think OP would like it all that much compared to a Chief.

Chief is his guy.

Yes, I’ve tried both. Why bother explaining if the chief is literally EXACTLY what he described?

If I had to suggest one based solely on what I’d buy then get the chief the glacier express isn’t my favorite it’s boat anchor heavy on the string. I hear tha he chief is worth its weight in gold(en fun) so knowing nothing more about you and picking for myself them I’d totally say rock the chief.

I’m surprised no one has mentioned the Cliff. I don’t have one, but from what I’ve heard it’s super fun, light on the string even though it’s huge, but like competition ready.

Chief is the most overrated yoyo since the Peak. Grab one for $80 off the BST if you’re curious, but that’s about all it’s worth. If you want a fun yoyo Grab an original Avalanche, Code 1, Lynx, or SPYY Addiction. I’ve also heard the Summit is enjoyable but never played one.

Did you even read the post? Thats a terrible reply.

What if we throw the avalanche into the mix?

If anyone has a Chief on the BST for $80, hit me up. :wink: I think it’s rated exactly where it should be… very highly.

I prefer the Chief over the Avalanche by a small margin. I prefer the Chief over the Summit by a small margin as well.

I have to agree with NathanC on a few of those recommendations, as much as I love the Chief. The Code 1 in particular is a joy to play. And for pure fun, I prefer the Puffin over the Chief as well. But yeah. Now we’ve suddenly complicated a simple question. Which is what we do around here (and I don’t mind one little bit. :wink: ).

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There are Chiefs on the BST for $80-100 pretty frequently, though I’m not sure there are any right now. There was a sweet little 65g one that sat around forever for $85 that I regret not picking up.

Unless someone is absolutely dying for a specific colorway I think spending more than $100 on one is pretty silly, there are an insane amount of them out there in effectively perfect condition. I think the same about all CLYWs for that matter. Not saying I wouldn’t do it, 2/3 my last CLYW purchases were full retail (Canvas from CLYW store, Chief from some other store), but that is because colorway matters a ton to me. If I wasn’t a colorway fiend and just wanted some amazing players I’d probably save a couple hundred every month lol.

Between the Chief/GE I’d say the Chief is the better player but I’ve definitely had periods where I was in love with my GE. If you add the Avalanche into the mix I’d probably still go with the Chief but I’ve never thrown a new Avalanche (Electric Circus is calling my name though…). Really it is hard to go wrong with either the Chief or the Ava. Although I think it’s great, some people don’t care for the GE, you’ll be hard pressed to find a lot of people who legitimately dislike the Chief or Ava though.

What If we take out Ava and GE and add the CLIFF

the chief I think is better in multiple ways

How can you pitch in advice if you made a thread asking about which one is best?

Between those, it’s really preference based. Both are incredible.

yoyojams H3X sounds like the type of yoyo you want :smiley:

I just got one if the first ones (black with green irredecent rings oh ya baby!) but I’ve not thrown it yet. But I love the grind rings everywhere!

Uhh, he didn’t create the thread, Joe Bonkajenko did.

I’d say Chief. Anyone who tells you the chief is underrated probably just isn’t a fan of chief-type specs.

No, I mean he made his own different thread.

If you want something that is in between solid and floaty and just plain fun get a puffin. If you’re looking for a great freestyle throw that is rock solid then get the chief. If you love learning tricks and getting them smooth then the glacier express is great for that.

Puffin- fun, between floaty and stable
Chief- extremely stable, good for freestyles
Glacier Express- floaty, good for smoothing out tricks