Chief vs Cliff vs Glacier Express

Again, just curious to see what you think.

That is exactly (almost) my exact thread

Sorry, I didn’t notice.

I like the cliff out of those choices. :slight_smile:

Any other opinions? I’m leaning towards the Cliff, but what is the difference between it and the GE since they both have similar shapes?

Glacier express is just smaller.

I can’t decide between a Pyramid Mountain Cliff and a Harrison Hurricane Glacier Express!

If I were buying it would be the cliff the gap fits my fingers perfectly and the size is really nice and plays very light for its size. The glacier express gap in the undercut is a little to narrow for my finger.

Also to me the glacier express plays a little heavier then I like on the string but it’s width and diameter is decent but the weight and undercut gap for me is the deal breaker.

Cliff is huge and feels sharp edges, floaty.
Chief is fast, floaty, and very confortable. My favorite out of the 3.
GE is smaller then the cliff, feels a bit heavy compared to the other 2, feels comfortable in hand, kinda like a avant garde.

Do you ever buy these yoyos, or are we just feeding your fantasies?

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Will the GE be worth more in the long run? Also, do you think Harrison Hurricane looks better than Pyramid Mountain?

“Worth more”? Best not to think of such things. You’re buying a toy that you can play with… not making an investment.

I would get the Chief. Cliff is floaty and fun sometimes, but overall I find it a bit too awkward to be a contender for playing more than once a week.

Yes and then no.

I am going to buy one of them.

What about if I throw the Summit into the mix?

I prefer the Chief over the Summit, but the Summit is a great yoyo! Between those two, pick the one that appeals to you more for whatever reason (the looks, even) and I don’t think you’d be too disappointed.

How does the Chief play in comparison to the GE?

Should I wait for the AC 2?

Who knows? It’ll be a while before objective reviews come out for it anyhow. It would be hypocritical of me to say to not bother waiting (waiting on no less than 3 forthcoming yoyos right now!) but at the same time… you could be throwing a Chief instead of waiting! :wink:

So, since I have small hands, the GE will play like a smaller Cliff?

Does it play at all like the Chief (the GE)?