Chief vs Cliff vs Glacier Express

The P-wave looks nice.

Yes… yes it does.

Looks like you’re coming down with a case of analysis paralysis. The only cure is to just pull the trigger on something. :wink:

Ok but just to clarify I want to purchase the Syzygy and another yoyo. Is the Syzygy similar to the P-wave performance wise? I wanted to try it because of its shape and the way it plays, but if the Syzygy plays better then I won’t buy the P-wave. I wanted the Glacier Express or other Clyw yoyo for fun, but I still want a great performing yoyo (meaning I want that same yoyo to perform really well). The Glacier Express is so appealing!


All these yoyos are nice, they spin well, perform great and play very fun and well and nice. Just choose one, you will see. Go with shape and colors! You skill will determine if they play well, and if they dont, you need more practice!

I really love it when some new guy is questioning the spin time and such on these high ends…

Now stop being insecure, bumping this **** and just buy one.