Cliff or Chief?


i am in debate on wether to get a Clyw Cliff or a Clyw Chief. if you have any suggestions just comment below! thanks


In my opinion…


But you really need to tell us what your preferences are/what you are looking for, because then we can answer your question according to YOUR tastes.

For me, Chief. The Cliff has almost no appeal to me.

i like a yoyo that is “fun” I don’t like to go too extreme or fast I’m a pretty steady yoyo player. I like big throws but not too big, mostly average or just a little above average. I like yoyo’s that are light as well.


Cliff All day

why so?

Chief is more reliable the cliff got boring to me

Chief is more of a Contest/shredding yoyo. Handles everything.

Cliff feels like more of a goofy/knockaround yoyo while still retaining some solid shredding power.

I like the Chief better, but both are really sick yoyos!!

I definitely like the shape of the chief better, and from what people say it’s decently light. So I think I’m gonna go with… THE CHIEF

Thanks everyone for the help!


Chief sounds great! I love it, but I don’t own one. I have to use my friends lol

The cliff is a really fun throw. Its unlike anything you will ever play. The chief is very consistent, but boring for me. The cliff has character, the chief feels like any other yoyo that I’ve tried. Nothing really ‘jumps off the page’ in terms of its play. Now, in terms of comfort, chief wins all the way. It just depends on what you’re looking for in a throw.

The Chief is Boring to you??? :o

I’ve owned both.

Chief is good at pretty much anything. Can go fast if you need it to, but at home playing laid back as well. Good slightly floaty feel. Comfy in hand shape.

CLIFF feels like nothing else. I didn’t hang on to mine because the shape annoyed me after awhile (the aggressive H shape didn’t allow my finger to fit between those huge rims, drove me nuts) But I did like the unique feel quite a bit. It’s pretty big, noticeably so when compared to the Chief.

For me, I’d go Chief, but if unique is your thing, the CLIFF has it in spades.

From what I’ve heard from…um…EVERYBODY is that the chief is the best thing you can find, multiply the awesome-ness by 10, then put it in a throw. :slight_smile:

And the Cliff is more awesome than the chief.
So yeah cx