Chief vs CLIFF


Any recommendations?

(kclejeune) #2

Do you want a competition oriented throw or a really fun throw? If you want both get a chief.


For me, the Chief by far. For oversized needs, I’d rather go all the way and step up to a H5xChief. Didn’t get along that well with the Cliff. It’s a relatively fun and stable yoyo, but I wouldn’t pay that price for the occasional bit of fun. If I’m paying that much, it has to be for something that I’m going to want to throw fairly often.


If you’re looking for something laid back and fun, look at the Cliff. It’s a great, stable, and fun throw, but it wouldn’t be my first choice for a competition. The Chief on the other hand, is fun too, but it can be used for more serious applications. The Cliff is slightly larger than the Chief, so be aware of that.