Hx5 Chief vs. Chief

So I’m wondering the play difference between the Hx5 Chief and the CLYW Chief…

The ones i’m looking at buying are:

Hx5 for ~$145
Chief for ~$160

Hx5 - 71.5 grams, 63.9mm diam, 45.8mm width
Chief - 68.4 grams, 56.4mm diam, 44.5mm width

shape is also completely different as i’ve noticed

How completely different do they throw from each other and which one would you recommend me to buying (i’m leaning towards the CLYW because the colorway is cooler and i like the shape of it better…)

It is a night a day comparison.

The H5Xchief, does not resemble a chief to me at all. I reminds me of the H5, but a lot more floaty.

It is a good colab yoyo, but the chief is a beast compared to the H5XChief.

Good luck! This is all just my .02, since I have both.

Very different almost nothing alike other than name. Get a chief and later on get an h5 chief.

Echoing what’s already been said: they’re nothing alike. They don’t feel alike in the hand, either.

The h5xChief is a super great yoyo… but it’s kinda big and kinda odd. The h5xChief is for when you want something different for a change. The Chief is just good for every occasion. If you don’t have a go-to throw that you’re happy with yet, it’s gotta be the Chief. If you’re at the point where every yoyo you order makes you feel a little of the “man… this isn’t different enough to be worth my money” feeling, then get the H5xChief for something undeniably different.

Kinda big? It like the largest Fully unresponsive yoyo on the market i belive!

Haha! I’ve been known for understatement in the past…

It’s hecka big. That’s for sure.