H5xChief or Chief?

how is the H5xChief ?? regardless of money, what is it different from the chief?

any recommendations? anyone played the H5Chief ??

thanks guys

Do you have mid- or full-sized yoyos you’re happy with? Do you have something that you consider to be a monster of stability with a touch of float an zip to it? Then you might have the Chief’s bases covered and it’ll be a different version of what you might already have.

If not; if you are still questing… a Chief is a must-try, whether you buy it or borrow it. :wink:

However, if you’ve played a lot of yoyos, have some solid favourites, and are looking for something “different”, the H5xChief is for you. It is a VERY LARGE (in diameter) yoyo and has a unique feel in the hand as a result. It comes gracefully to the end of the string with a powerful spin, and is an absolutely amazing and stable yoyo to play across the strings.

But that’s just it: it’s different. It’s something you should really try if you’re looking to break convention.

But if you’re still trying to figure out what “convention” is, it’s gotta be the Chief for you.

Like GregP said he H5xChief is big, way bigger in diameter than a Chief. I have both and like them quite a bit. the H5xChief feels lighter to me on the string and has a different finish. I love how floaty it feels. I don’t throw it everyday like I do the Chief. For me it’s like the Summit collaboration, two different throws combined, creating a new very different throw. I played an H5 and it was fun, but I liked the mix of Chief bits! Almost like if the H5 and Chief had a love child… Boom.

Like Dankdeadzombie says, it feels REALLY floaty. I am going to sacrifice a bit of my masculinity and describe it as “delightful”. :wink:

To me a bit part of “floaty” feel has to do with how a yoyo hits the end of the string. This sets up your mindset for the entire session. And it comes so nicely to the end of a string that you just know you’re in for a chill bit of throwing!

Completely different beasts. Look at the specs, what you’re after in a yoyo will dictate which one you want.

2 very different throws only thing 1 thing in common double rings (arguable oversizedness)

I would get the Chief first and if later you still want the H5 x Chief get it. The resale on the Chief is way higher and if you don’t like it trading/selling it would yield more than the other. Both are great throws.

ok thanks guys…and how about that Chief vs Anglam then?

i got a choice of getting one or the other

Anglam costs nearly twice as much, so… yeah… you can always buy the Chief later. :wink:

in the end…the H5chief scared me because of the ‘off norms’ specs, and the chief is too pricey, the anglam was a joke, i got myself an avalanche…concrete blizzard edition

this is my second avalanche…how stupid am i? lol
who ever had 2 of the same yoyo?!

Yeah, whoever would do something like that…? <<_<<

I have had up to 7 of the Same yoyo


wow …hoho…now i feel relieved haha

i guess it’s like, "IF i ever get one lost, dinged or stolen --> i got another to go " :slight_smile:

maybe it shows how much we like or think a yoyo is good

And different color ways etc
More options :slight_smile:
And sometimes different version s/ runs of yoyos play different!

I have 2 Majesties :slight_smile: