H5xChief help

I found an H5xChief for relatively cheap. should I get it? does it play good? is it worth it? sorry if there’s already a post on this but I skimmed through the first three pages and didn’t see anything. thanks

It is an awesome throw!

It is BIG. And because it has a huge open gap, it feels a bit weird in the hand. But it’s big without feeling clunky. The extreme stability gives it an ease of execution that’s really fun. It would be hard to do “speedy” styles with, and I doubt you’ll do any chopsticks play with it…

But it’s a great throw. In my opinion.

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sweet, thanks. I don’t play fast at all.

Then you should get it, especially if you don’t already have a “big” throw. It’s a different (and totally fun) vibe compared to standard sizes. And man, is it a powerful spinner.

yeah my biggest yoyo is my Chief. comparing them, the H5xChief is HUGE. I think I will get it. thanks again, man.

It’s a colaboration of C3 and CLYW, you can’t go wrong with it.