Batch # 7 Chief

Hello all!
I am heavily considering one of the Chiefs that will soon be available from CLYW(if they don’t sell out too quickly), but am wondering if I may be out of my league? I’m pretty new to the yoyo scene. I started about a month and a half ago with a Yomega Maverick, and purchased a YYF dv888 very shortly after once I realized what I was getting myself into. I’ve been following the expertvillage videos with Andre Boulay and have worked my way up to Kwijibo. I’m learning spirit bomb right now but its proving to be pretty difficult… anyway I was wondering is a Chief beyond my playing abilities right now? From what I can tell once you hit above the $75 range almost anything you get is going to be able to handle any tricks you could ask for… but CLYW just makes such amazing looking yoyo’s. Just not 100% at this point… Any feedback? Also the maverick and dv888 are both about 50 in diameter and the chief is 56… is this going to have an awkward feel for a beginner?

Any feedback is much appreciated,



If you can afford it, go for it, for all you know it’ll give you that drive to become a better player.

I had the same problem when I just started out…honestly its a great decision just remember it’s a lot of money so make sure u rele love to yoyo first either way the chief will blow ur mind!!!

If you can bind you can buy it :wink: and dont worry, spirit bomb is a hard Trick :wink:

if you can spend the money and it won’t stop you from buying other yo-yos… like if you buy the chief … it means you can’t buy another one for a while … then I say don’t … but if you can afford it and still might want to buy other stuff than go for it…

by saying that … what I mean is that even if you don’t get a new one … b/s/t always has chiefs for sale…

also for the same price you pay … assuming its $145 … you can also get two great metals … or even three … but I am not knocking the chief down … CLYW has its high standards and its great…

as far as if its out of your league … no … i think someone said … if you can bind … you can play with anything really…

i would recommend to not restrict your self to one company because there are so many out there … you will be missing out on a lot of other great stuff… i was CLYW exclusive before but now i like a little bit of everything.

If your serious, get it, I wish i would have just bought a high end after my dash, and not waste my money on “working up to a better throw” and buy all these plastics.

If your serious and you know you want to go further with throwing, then do it. plus if you dont like it you can always sell it for close or greater then its value.


If you have the money, you can do whatever you want with it. Buy a dog, donate it, buy a chief whatever haha. I think you can handle it as long as you can bind just realize that this won’t make you automatically a better yoyoer. Your yoyo will play better but you will play the same. But practice makes perfect.

Get the Chief if you can afford it. It’s hard to say a yoyo is “worth” that kind of money, but if you can swing it, the Chief is at the top level of feel and performance. You’ll never have to upgrade since there’s really nowhere else to go (although it’s always fun to keep buying new throws).

As for the size, I found that when I first started with unresponsive play I preferred undersize throws. They feel really good in the hand. But over time I’ve come to realize that regular and oversize is where it’s at for performance. Even my best undersize throws just don’t have the spin time or stability of the larger throws, which is something you notice as your combos get longer and more technical. So, even if 56mm feels big to you, and it probably will, I think you’ll grow to enjoy it.

Awesome, Thanks everyone for the great feedback. If I do end up buying the Chief it will probably be a little while before I buy another but I’m thinking I wont mind too much. The only others that I’ve been seriously considering would be One Drop Code 2 or G Squared Albatross. This will definitely help with the decision making process though. Thanks again everyone

In my opinion, I don’t think it’s a good idea to buy something that expensive when you can get two $60 throws that can do just as good. Or just get something that’s $100 and get a $60 throw for practicing, etc.

Honestly the chief is an amazing yoyo…for experts. I would go with the genesis because it is more affordable and that’s what I got during that stage. It plays amazingly for a YYF and I believe that would be a better yoyo for you.

Being that you are only a month and half in i would recommend getting maybe a Genesis and a Velocity so you can have a premium contest yoyo and a responsive thin yoyo that will allow you perfect your tricks on a responsive yoyo but thats just my opinion if you really want a chief go for it!

The chiefs are nice and I have a 1st and 3rd run but they are in my opinion way over hyped! I think you will get just as good of a throw in your other choices the code 2 and the albatross and they are a little more affordable. I mean if you have to have a chief go for it but there are better throws out there for less money, just my opinion.

forget the chief and god forbid, don’t buy a velocity

get a genesis and call it a day

boltthrower -> I agree, the chief is by no means a bad throw, but the problem with pricey throw, most people won’t ever admit that they paid too much for what it’s worth, so they’ll come up with excuses like “it’s character” or “it will make you a better player” instead of admitting that yea, for that price, it’s really not that good.

genesis is cheap (compared to the chief at least) and well worth the price

now if you want a NICE throw in “good looking, well built, performing” and you want to spend some money on it, there are plenty other options that won’t disappoint. Xcube ZeuS (not “La goutte” if you’re a beginner) is one of them or maybe one of those high end C3.

there’s ton of hype for the chief these days, I’ve played one, again, not a bad yoyo at all, pretty good actually, but I wouldn’t buy one for that price, maybe a used one, $20 or $30 cheaper but that doesn’t seem to happen often.

I’d have to disagree that the Chief is overhyped. I have or have tried most of the stuff people rave about, and the Chief is up there with the best. It’s the smoothest throw I’ve got among YYR, Turning Point, OD’s and Vs. Newtons, etc., it’s very stable, and it has a nice floatiness to it that belies it’s size and makes it feel very manueverable for an oversize-ish throw. Great all rounder.

Obviously people are going to like or dislike a throw more than the next guy, but objectively speaking, it’s baseline performance is on par with it’s position in the market. After all, hype has to have at least a kernel of truth in it. Anyway, I certainly wouldn’t tell someone to avoid it…if they’re willing to spend the money in the first place.

As far as tricks go I learned most of the responsive tricks on my Maverick(which I regret) so I definitely wont be buying anything else that is responsive. The genesis wasn’t even something I had considered until you guys mentioned it, most of what I was reading on YYF was negative so I guess I kind of threw them under the bus. I actually ended up ordering a CLYW Fools Gold Canvas, its black with the Giant Pick-Axe logo. Its Fg for an ano flaw near the gap, I got it for $85 from $150 so I feel like it was a pretty good deal. I was able to get a clwy and I can still pretty much buy a genesis for the difference of what I would have spent on a chief. Thanks again for all the feedback !
Hope everyone has a good one

good deal!

i’m happy to find out that you got a yoyo you are happy with at an affordable price but i just want to inject my opinion into this topic.

the only reason that chief is so expensive is because people are willing to believe it’s worth that much. a lot of people will tell you it’s “that good” but i’d like to point out that a lot of yoyos are “that good” but they aren’t $150. I don’t want to sound like a stick in the mud, but I’m willing to bet that the only reason you got that canvas for $85 buck was because it had that anno flaw. a rule of thumb for trading yoyos that have hype: if it’s mint it’s worth everything; if it’s not, then it’s worth nothing. a chief my play well, but it’s main purpose is to be a collector’s item.

remember this; Jensen Kimmitt won world 2011 with a northstar. nuff said

as for me, i strongly stand behind the Echo by duncan, and the PSG by adegle and i’m not just blowing smoke here, i’ve been yoyoing for just under 3 years now. since your a begginner, it’d strongly reccommend investing into a 4 pack of PSG’s because they play so well, but they’re so cheap.

yes sir Jensen did some amazing things at 2010 wyyc, but not too long after that he threw that same northstar into a lake and teamed up with clyw to make the canvas…

the canvas I got does in fact have an anno flaw near the gap which kind of stinks but i’d rather have a slight imperfection then break the bank, atleast at this point. I dont see myself as being a seller/trader so it being worth nothing in the “f/s/t” area wont matter much if its worth something to me. Guess well see how it plays when it gets here. I definitely know what you mean with saying chief’s are a collectors item though

*Cough *Worlds 2010 cough
But seriously, glad you got a fools gold. They are great ways to get amazing yoyos at cheap prices.
Also, the Chief is a great yoyo. I own a fairly large diversity of yoyos, and the Chief is my crown jewel.