requesting a chief review.


i’m very interested! anyone got one yet?


Yes, received my gold chief in the mail today.

I really like it. If you have played the avalanche, you get a pretty good idea of what it feels like in your hand. It plays fast and light on the string. Pretty amazing actually. I think I’m biased because I like the feel of undersized throws but the freestyle play of wider, full sized yoyos. Worth looking into if you want a superb H shape yoyo. Hope this helps a little.


I’m so ready for mine to get here!


i want to ask for one for christmas but im pretty sure its going to be all sold out by then


It’s my understanding they’re sold out already and you can no longer get your hands on one anywhere. Is that so?

(Oh wait, I see they go on sale tonight in about 13 hours. Is this the second release for the Chief or was i thinking of another throw that sold out in 4 minutes?)


well yes and no. the initial run is sold out but i just checked it again here on yye and theres a second run with new colorways coming out pretty soon.


There was an announcement on their FB fanpage that the second run gets released later today.


yeah :-X i just am hoping there will be a new run around xmas time. as well as the avalanche (not the fg)


Yeah, thanx guys. After posting I found where they were about to release another round. I would LOVE to have one of these. There are several CLYW throws I would like to give a home to in my case. I met a guy named Joel last month from KC who was adamant the Peak was far and away the best yoyo ever manufactured. But WOW, CLYW is pricey. My budget would just have a real difficult time justifying $135.00 for a single throw. I am not saying they are not worth their asking price. I asked Joel and he assured me I would quickly come to appreciate the superiority you get when you purchase a high end throw. But if I spent $135 on a yoyo my wife would literally kill me, and I’m not even married.


Purchases are based on emotion and justified with logic. If you want it bad enough, it will become a need and you’ll buy it despite your budgeting. :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh how I wish I could claim I have a superior mindset and purer heart that would elevate me above such fatalistic materialism, but alas, I know you are right. I like to think of myself as a minimalist, subsisting on the very base essentials for life. However, as I sit here typing on my $2000.00 computer I must note I am surrounded by $500 or so just in yoyos, their cases and whatnot. And that’s just the ones sitting right here within my reach on my desk. Were any a need? Of course not. Try and take any of them away, let me get my gun.

(My gun would be with my wife as I really don’t have one of those either.)


Even those of us that are aware of how we are influenced into purchases, what makes us purchase what we do, and understand the fundamentals of why we buy ‘wants’ more often than ‘needs’… still fall victim to purchasing things based on emotion rather than logic, because it’s simply how it is 9 times out of 10. haha.


True, so true. Looking back down through the corridor of time which was my childhood I find my father’s decision making logic of weeding out my “wants” from my "needs" was impeccable. Every time I would inquire about something I had my eye on it was always; “You don’t really need that, you just want it. And this family can’t afford to try and fill your wants.” I must be quick to note I don’t recall my Dad ever getting many of his “wants” when I was kid. It wasn’t until we were all up and out of the house that he began to purchase any “toys” for himself.

Hey, we have wandered way off track from the OP’s original request. Is anyone out there ready to submit a review on the Chief?


haha thats what i was wandering :stuck_out_tongue:


Just got a Foxy Moss Chief. As soon as I get it, I’ll try to put up a video review of it. Stoked!!