CLYW Chief.


Hey guys I just want to tell you my thoughts on the Chief. I just dont understand why its so hyped and people think it’s soo amazing. I mean, dont get me wrong its fantastic but its not amazing. There are plenty of yoyos that play just as good as it if not better that people dont even recognize. Again, I think the chief is good but not amazing…idk just my thoughts on that.


Its hyped because its CLYW the chief does play amazing but for 50 bucks less you can a code 2 which plays just as well


Yeah, I hate CLYW hype. They’re good but not worth all the hype.


Ya I hate hype too.


Hey Chris, I’m not hating on the Chief at all. Its an awesome throws. I’m just not completely postitive why people hype everything so much.


We don’t. I just like making cool stuff. So don’t blame us.


When did I blame you?


Guess I’m just taking it too personal. Sorry.


I’m sorry Chris. I’m not hating on CLYW whatsoever, I love your throws and keep putting out bad a** stuff:) Cheers.




see, i was originally really reluctant to go and buy a chief too. i tried it and didn’t like it any more or less than my sasquatch or avalanche. but then i just decided what the hey and bought one and i discovered the secret of this yo-yo. it’s not actually alluminum. it’s made of a secret, special metal given to caribou chris by a 100 year old gwich’in sage high in the rocky mountians. It’s a metal blessed with all of the magic of the caribou, and charged with the wisdom of a thousand generations.

lolnah, but i think the two layer design is very sharp looking.


I can honestly affirm that the Chief is the best yoyo I’ve ever played (and I’ve played a lot of stuff.)
Everything about it is nailed perfectly. Shape, check. Spin, check check. Stability, checkity check check. I have not played a finer yoyo, and that is why I have two. Caribou Chris has made a masterpiece that will live down the ages.


The Chief is freakin’ sick haha.

I understand your opinion on hype, but why not hype up a yoyo that plays DIFFERENT than anything else out there?


yet your username is clyw. Haha.


Ps. Its not hype when the quality is there. The chief is among the best yoyos available ever. No hype, just real talk.


Yes, i also made my account a few years ago and hype has nothing to do with liking a company or not. And the quality is there for some people but for others it plays no better than a lot of other throws.


yes ur right everyones experience with each throw is different.


No, quality is quality, what you refer to is preference and taste.


Alright, so here’s my 2 cents on this whole CLYW hype and what not.

We’ll start with a story. Almost a year and a half ago when I was a half a year into yo-yoing, I was looking to buy my first high end metal. I was looking at either the One Drop 54, or the CLYW Sasquatch. The 54 was my first choice, (no offense Chris), but if I wasn’t able to get one of those, I would have gone all out for the Sasquatch. I have kept my eye on CLYW ever since. They had some really nice looking throws, and some killer colorways, but I never convinced myself to buy one…

Fast-forward another six months or so the release of the Chief. This yo-yo was something new brought to the table from the little canadian manufacturer, shining the spotlight on the extra inner ring, which had never been seen before on a yo-yo. According to Chris, if I remember correctly, the first run of chiefs was smaller than usual at 80 yo-yos. When they released, the inner ring had already attracted buyers along with a good name and reputation to go behind it. The first run sold out in 5 minutes…

Here’s my little hunch. Since the first run sold out EXTREMELY fast, people immediately think that this yo-yo is gonna be a game changer. Which it was. This fed people your “CLYW hype.” Later, when the other runs released, people knew they had to be there on the dot to snag one. Yet again, the 2nd run sold out very fast, thus feeding the hype. Hence the pattern continues as the later runs kept selling out.

THEN Chris releases the Arctic Circle, featuring the same inner ring as the chief. People then “assume” that this will play similar to a Chief, so hence they buy one. Selling out in less than an hour. Feeding more of your “hype.”

You all pretty much see where this is going…

From my point of view, it’s all in your heads. Chris make FANTASTIC throws. I absolutely LOVE the chief I got from him at PNWR, which now has become my most favored throw, and I am certainly looking to buy an arctic circle from the next run. If you guys buy his yo-yos, you’re automatically giving you and everyone else your “hype.” I’m not saying to stop buying his products, hell no. Let’s just say, stop complaining…

I don’t think the hype is something you should be ashamed about Chris. It’s what people get when they make good products :wink:

Sorry for turning this into one of those hype threads or something. Not meaning to offend anyone.

That’s all…



I agree with many points made here. No matter how many people are complaining about the hype, there is one thing that cannot be denied. The Chief is an really good yo-yo.

And it is amazing. It plays like no other full-sized yoyo I have tried. The weight, shape and everything else is designed to perfection. Screw hype, its a great throw.