Chief or Cliff

Hey guys, Im thinking of getting a CLYW. Now I just have yoyofactory’s. But I cant decide between the Cliff or the chief. Can you guys help me out? like list the pros and cons of each one and how they compare

The Chief and Cliff are really different. I have thrown both. The Chief EASILY wins, IMO. The Cliff is just way too big for me, and the shape just doesn’t agree with me. The Chief’s size is good, and the shape is really nice.

I like the Cliff more.

Both are great, but the Chief is orders of magnitude more comfortable. Plus you’ll have an easier time picking one up, should you look on the BST anyways.

If I were buying for ME, I would buy the Chief instead of the Cliff. The Cliff wasn’t a good “fit” for me. It’s oversized and floaty, which can be fun… if you don’t have a yoyo that already matches that description, you might like it! For me, if I go that direction, I want to be practically ridiculous about it, so I’d go for the H5xChief.

In other words, the Cliff strikes me as a “niche” yoyo, but it doesn’t fill any niches of interest to me. Not big and floaty enough to be truly unique, and not … normal … enough to be a daily throw.

As of now I have the Luis Enrique genesis. and it plays super well. Same as if you were to throw a chief, just a bit heavier. But I really want that yoyo that is different and will make me say wow.