Thoughts on CLIFF?


I got an offer for one. I got a pretty good deal, and id be paying $100. Is the CLIFF worth the money, or should i get something else? $100 seems like a really good deal, but i have mixed emotions…


I love it! It’s a fun, stable throw that I like to throw whenever. It’s not really something I’d use in a competition. It’s more of a fun, chilled out kind of yoyo. It’s stable, and like I said, great to throw for just relaxing, and having fun.

I’d go for it. $100 is a good deal. Is it that Ninja Hurdles one on the BST?


Ok cool!

Yes it’s that one…


I personally find it to be super uncomfortable due to the size of my finger and the size of the gap between the rims. I like the way that it plays but it’s really pinchy for me to catch. I’d tend to advise trying it to make sure that won’t be an issue with you before buying it if that’s an option.

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It’s either a love or hate yoyo. I suggest trying one before because if you don’t like it then you’d probably regret it. I liked how the cliff played but its shape was too uncomfortable.


I wont be able to try one, but im more focusing on play than shape or feel in the hand. But if the shape is that uncomfortable, im not sure. Thats why i have mixed emotions.


Ok I decided I’m not going to get it. Too many negatives on the shape…

Might go for a OD Chik instead…


I like mine! It’s HUGE! But really stable and has some good spin time.


The Chik is a great throw. If you get one, you won’t be disappointed.


Take it.


The Cliff is big, kinda slow(because it’s big), but is also very well weighted so it doesn’t feel it. The undercuts are cool too. Just a great fun, mellow, casual and chill yoyo. Loves to move at any speed and if you want to push it to supersonic, it will try and do it. Great feel. Due to it’s size, it is kind of slow for the most part.

I paid whatever full price is when they dropped at YYE and I have no issues with it or the price. For $100, it’s a steal.

The only downsides of the Cliff are:
If you don’t have bigger hands/fingers, you might have trouble with tight formations.
Bigger than average, but not gigantic, so if size preferences are a deal killer if they aren’t met well, this might leave you with nowhere to go.

Get it. $100. You’re stealing it!


Didn’t like the Cliff. Much preferred the Chik!

On the other hand, I’m not stunned by the Chik either. Which might be a good sign…? I didn’t like the SPYY Pro when I first tried it either and now it’s my go-to yoyo. In any event, the Chik is certainly more “standard” in many ways, which is good when you’re not sure about pushing boundaries.

If you want something nutty and big, though (ie. you don’t just want a “standard” throw), I prefer the H5xChief. It’s even bigger and even “weirder” (just so supernaturally stable yet floaty) which is why I like it even more.


I disliked the H5xChief. It was just TOO big. However, I do agree with your assessment of that yoyo. It was all of those things.


Ok I think I’ve changed my mind. :wink: I’ve always wanted to own a cliff so I guess now is my chance. Thanks everyone!!


Good choice. Once you get in to high end yoyos, a lot of times (there are obviously exceptions), you can’t really go wrong. I think you would have done fine with whatever you would’ve gotten. The Cliff is a great throw, and the one you’re getting looks awesome too!


Thanks for reassuring me :wink:

I was deciding between the chief and the cliff but I found the cliff so much more cheaper so that’s what I’ll go with.


While the Cliff and Chief are on the same brand, they are just completely different yoyos.

They are both smooth, well balanced, excellent feel, wonderful surface treatment, amazing colorways and feel great in play. In other words, all those good things people want, well, they got it.

The Cliff is a slow/floaty yoyo that is oversized. The Chief is a fast yoyo, quite aggressive and full sized. The Cliff is a great fun throw. It seems more for “flow and fun”. The Chief is clearly a competition monster(along with the AC and BvMr2), and while fun will always still be a trait, the emphasis was on meeting competition needs better. The Cliff, well, you could compete with it if you wanted to because you can push it fast and it will stay stable. The Cliff just feels like they said “you know, we need something to just play around and have a casual good time with”, and there it is: The Cliff

I feel you can’t go wrong with either, but you have to know what you’re in for. Still, $100 for a Cliff is a great deal.


You will end up getting a chief… Yes I foresee it to be true. ;D


I will…eventually…