Should I go for the glacier express?

Also how much do you think it will cost

Yeah it looks pretty

Awesome and I think it will be like $145

No… I don’t think so. The Arctic Circle or Chief play better in my opinion.

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Well hav you played with it?
And sorry I thank you’d ur post on accident


What makes the chief better?
Just a question… Not trying to be a jerk or anything :slight_smile:

Well. It’s all about opinion obviously.
Have you played a marmot?

No unfortunately :frowning:

It just feels too heavy and clunky for the size.

Thanks for the good advice… I’ll probably go for the chief then. Do you think there will be another run after this one?

Of chiefs, i am 1000% positive

I find the GE perfectly fine.
It’s a more solid throw. Extremely stable due to the design, more so than any other CLYW.

I would find the GE for more casual play. My preference is half Canvas and half GE.
I prefer the Avalanche or Arctic Circle to the GE, in terms of competition-oriented design.

And yes, I’ve played the GE, both production and prototype.

Thanks for a better explaination than i gave :stuck_out_tongue:

I think for the Chiefs, it may be it for a while.
I remember talking to Chris about it… but he may have changed his mind, by the demand.

How bout the sasq

It won’t be too ridiculously long. Probably around the same time as the glacier express.

Sasquatch is a good throw. I prefer the Avalanche as it is the greatest thing ever, but since sasquatches are more available, it could be a better choice.

They’ll probably cost around the same price as all of their other yoyos, so like $145 probably or maybe even up because of the different special edition color ways.

I agree with him about the avalanche, it is one of my favorite throws! I would say it is a much more stable throw than the sas and just plays better.

i think its $155