Arctic circle (any color) or chief (28stories) or chief ( ash berry )?

We need more info.

Can you bind? What yoyo’s do you currently have? What do you like in a yoyo? you can’t go wrong with either, but i prefer the Chief.

28s chief. Forsure. Don’t get the ac, not too many people are fond of them. And chief’s are always a great reliable throw :slight_smile:

All winners here. Just pick whichever one you think looks nicest.


From what I’ve heard people really like the AC. I have one and it’s one of my favorite throws. (if not my favorite) I think people just don’t like how “unforgiving” it is. It’s a great throw.

I haven’t tried the chief yet, but I really want to. Just go with whatever looks best to you.

28 Stories is one of the best colorways that appeal to me. I find the Chief to be absolutely amazing.

The AC is also fantastic as well.

I’m trying to get the Glacier Express to grow on me more. It’s just different than typical CLYW. I like it, but it’s incredibly different than anything I’ve played before. At the same time, I do not see this under-cut trend going away. I think various companies are trying their take on that approach ad we’re going to see more exciting yoyos coming in the next 2 years. Between more traditional shapes, and variations on the H-shape and I think wide is going to make a bigger appearance, we’re going to have a lot to choose from. But back to the Glacier Express specifically, at least at the moment I’m typing this up, there’s quite a few still available. Gotta give points for being readily available.

However, if you can get one of those Chiefs for a good price via BST, go for it!

Short answer.

Any CLYW throw you get, you wont be disappointed with.

AC and Chief are two different play styles. The AC is heavier and faster feeling, where the Chief is a bit lighter and floatier. I don’t find the AC to be as stable as it tends to tilt more easily if you’re into a combo with a lot of string hits, but I still prefer it because it feels more natural to me.

Both of them are great though. If given the choice I would pretty much always go with 28 stories, partially because I like it, but also because it has universal collector appeal which usually translates into a few more bucks and a quicker sale should you ever decide to part with it.

I like the Chief so much better than the AC.


not necessarily. A friend of mine got his hands on a wooly markmont. He hated it. Sold it same day he got it.


@JohnnyJ. LOL u don’t say i can bind lol. XD

Wasn’t sure, seen to many posts like this from kids who don’t even know yoyo’s had ball bearings. Between that, and the fact that you have an extremely low post count, i wasn’t sure, haha.

In that case, i would defenitly go for the 28s Chief.

I think that whether you get the AC or the chief depends on what you like to see in a yoyo. the chief is lighter, floatier while the AC is a bit heavier. most people like the floaty feel more, but again it’s all up to preference. personally I like the AC more, but I would have to say that you are more likely to enjoy the chief more, as it is more popular.

The glacier express became one of my favorites the same day I got it. So smooth and fitting in the palm of my hand. It’s amazing.