Arctic Circle or Cheif?

Just wondering, because I’m gunna get one or the other around Christmas for my first CLYW. So which one do you prefer and what reasons?

This is HARD HARD HARD. i voted for AC.

I like AC’s a ton, but i also like chiefs. I would go with the AC if i were you though. If i could only own one, (and i have owned tons of both) i would pick AC no contest.

Chief is the best all around yoyo you can buy in buy opinion. I also liked it better than the AC. The AC is really good, but I love the Chief so much better. It’s a nice first CLYW.

I’d say AC. I got tired of the Chief. Just not as good as a competition yoyo as many other yoyos.

I really like the AC. It feels powerful. Comes out of the hand with tons of spin and hits the string with authority. Stability isn’t all there compared to the Avalanche or Chief, but I just really like throwing it.

I’m fairly bored with the Chief. It’s just that little bit more floaty and slow than I truly like. I can’t fault it for anything specific but I only go to it when I want to play with that yoyo specifically, never when I want to really try to be the best I can be.

Honestly, I’d buy the new Avalanche or the Puffin before either of them.