Need some CLYW help

I’m looking to buy my first CLYW, and I’m torn between two.
• the Arctic Circle
• the Chief
Reasons I like the Chief:
• everybody loves theirs, and recommend them all the time
• I’ve heard it has good spin times
• I’ve heard it plays extremely well
• I’ve heard nothing but excellent things about the it
• many people I’ve heard think it’s the best yoyo out there
• love the look and colorways

Reasons I like the Arctic Circle:
• love Zach Gormley and his fast play style
• I love the look of it and colorways
• a pro likes it and uses it on stage, so I figure it must be good

Anyway, here are MY preferences:
I like long spinning yoyos
I like stability and smoothness
My play style is sometimes slow, sometimes fast, mostly pretty fast

I don’t really have a price range, I could afford either, but not both, so I really need some advice. What do you think I should get?
Which one spins longer?
Which one better fits my play style?
Input your suggestions below! If you have questions for me, put them below, too. Keep in mind that this will be my first CLYW. Thanks!

They both seem to fit your preferences fairly well, however I would go for the arctic circle if you plan on competing. It is a faster yoyo, with more ease when it comes to hitting a certain string at a certain time at a certain spot. The chief however, is more fun to play with when making tricks and just chilling out throwing. If you compete or plan to, arctic circle. If not, get a chief.

Ok… I don’t plan on competing for a while, but it’d be nice to get used to the feel of a competitive yoyo for future competitions, so should I go with the AC?

In my opinion the Arctic Circle is the best competition yoyo from CLYW, and top 5 of all time. Sadly I traded mine, mostly because I have stopped competing and don’t plan to again.

They are both ‘‘competitive’’ yoyo’s. Hey 90% of throws being released are competition ready.

If you want more stable full sized- Chief

If you want smaller faster and floaty - AC

Good Luck!

ok, well that was hugely helpful! I think my mind is now made up! I’m gonna go with the Arctic Circle! Questions, though: does it sleep for a long time? Does it fit any play style?

thank you! Even though it faster and floatier, the AC is still stable right? Like it doesn’t have mad tilt or anything?

No it is actually mad stable

oh man! This thing sounds like a DREAM!!! I wanna get one so badly now!

Now I’ve gotta decide between Hulk Smash or black w/ silver speckle… Sooo hard…

Id get black w/ silver

haha I was over in the “shop” section when you posted this, and I had just decided to go with black w/ silver speckle. Then I came back here and you were thinking the same! Lol. Yup. I’m gonna get a black with silver speckle Arctic Circle! Can’t wait!

Too bad you didnt get the last ash berry(i did<3)

haha congrats, dude :slight_smile:

Also, I need to know: does the AC weigh a lot? Or not much? Is it heavier than the Superwide?