Fast Playing One Drop or CLYW


I like the faster type of yoyos and want something like that from CLYW or One Drop. Any suggestions?


Arctic Circle from CLYW can go fast. It’s Zach’s sig so it’s made for fast tech and 3d, like Zach does. It’s built to fit his style and preferences.


Palli plays fast with a Puffin, Ernest plays fast with a Chief, and Jensen play(ed) fast with a Canvas. I think Chris said he is going to do another run of Canvases after Worlds. Do not quote me on that.


yup i agree. the arctic circle was made for zach, so if your play style is like his go for that.


The canvas is definately not fast playing. I’d take a look at some of the lighter throws made by them since those tend to be faster

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Arctic circle is super fast, summit is also super fast for me.


The Chik is fast, especially if you swap out the stock spike Side Effects with aluminum Ultra Lights. Drops the shipping weight of 66 grams down to 65.3 grams. That is down right anorexic for a yo-yo with an almost 57 mm diameter.


The code 1 is pretty fast. Puffin and ac too


Puffin and chief

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BvM2 can go very fast. It’s a competition level throw.


The Chik can definitely hit some high speeds.

When I tried the Chief, it played kinda fast.


I like how were saying all different yoyos :stuck_out_tongue: chief, arctic circle,diets,chik,puffin,bvm2,canvas, haha

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The 65g Chief, if you can get your hands on one, is your best bet. The thing FLIES, and not to mention it’s stable and long spinning at the same time.


I can also vouch vouch for the Chik being fast. The AC can move at a decent speed too. Although if you want real speed, I would pass on CLYW and One Drop. C3, YYR, and sOMEThING all make fast throws, and YYJ has a few fast ones too. The YYF MVP is also really fast.


Honestly I think the fastest CLYW throws are Wooly Marmot and Puffin, but the Marmot absolutely flies.

Markmont Next is fastest One Drop I’ve played.


The Chik is one the fastest playing yoyos I’ve ever tried. The AC is fast, but overall play wise I found the Chik to be far superior.

I’m tempted to try UL Side effects on it as per Strobyns suggestion, but I already love it so much so I don’t really want to change anything… =P

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Surprised nobody mentioned the Code2… That thing is a beast but it can MOVE. I’d like to add that the rally moves faster than… Idk what


If you could look into other companies C3’s Dibase 2, Mo-vitation and most of their throws play fast, Yoyofficer’s Aura, Fit, and Dasher, play fast, Brave and Crayon could be pushed fast but not as speedy, Eager idk, YYJ has the PHENOM, PHENOMizm, and the Chaser, which were Hiroyuki Suzuki’s signatures so u know they could play fast, sOMETHING has fast throws, One Drop and CLYW have many throws that could do this, Code 2s, Summits, BvM2s, Arctic Circles, Dietz, Chik, Puffin could probably play fast too, YYRs throws are all fast but are made strictly for competition, like, if you unscrew them and rescrew they get vibe, things like that, which Ive heard from another yoyo store… You have ALOT to choose from other than One Drop and CLYW and a LOT of other companies have what your looking for at a budget price (Yoyofficer throws are only $35-$80 and play 2 to 3 times their price tag ;D have been pushing this company a LOT lately)