Which One Drop Vs. Which CLYW

Ok, first off, I would like your opinion, and your reccomendation. I am still looking for a new throw that fits my needs which are heavyish, stable, solid sPins, able to play fast or slow (idk if I am a fan of floaty throws) and just an overall good choice. So I have narrowed the choices down to these.
Clyw- Chief, Sasquatch
Onedrop- 54, markmont next, or code 1.
Other reccomendations?
, thanks.

I’m no expert by any stretch.

Avalanche, Sasquatch and Chief would be what I recommend. The size and shape and weight lend itself to heavier/slower play, which I also like.

For One Drop, I think maybe the Code 1 might be your best bet. The 54 is nice and well balanced and seems to also fit in there as well. It can pick up and move fast. The Code 1 is a bit “lite” for it’s size in my opinion, but with different side effects you can bump the weight up a bit. The MMN seems to want to move rather fast. I think the Burnside might be good on the floatier side.

I also have other throws by each brand.

I personally like to take each yoyo for what it is. Each brings a different experience to the equation.

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You accidentally spelled but with two t’s


Must have hit the key too hard. Yes, I did. I’ll go fix the original post.

Unfortunately, I can’t move around a lot today due to this annoying injury on my neck, so I’m gonna be spending a lot of time sitting on my butt.

Thanks for pointing out typos. My typing has been bad recently.

REALLY!!! Here’s a post by someone looking for advice, gets some advice (thank you Studio) and your contribution to the conversation is a critique on spelling!!! REALLY??? And it’s not really about spelling - it’s about you pointing out the word “butt”- REALLY!!! Wow, thanks for the helpful, spelling, info Mr. Teacher…

NOW to the OP - there is something else to consider - the availability and price of your choices… provided money is not an issue - CLYW are great, and the Chief is on the money… but that’s assuming you can get your hands on one. I know a new shipment is heading to YYE ( but I don’t think there’s a sale date, yet) - but they fly out the door as fast as the come in. As for the Sasquatch, I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen one… So it’s off to BST board - but most guys seem to think their Chiefs are worth your first born, as long as you throw in a car, too.

Which brings us to ONE DROP - I’m a big fan of these… although I feel a little different (or maybe I define floaty different) I love my 54 - but I think it’s pretty floaty (but this is very relative thanks to Side Effects - I have spikes in mine, but I like Ultra Lights in it, too… but if I put brass in, it’d be a brick)… the Burnside always feels heavier to me, no side effects, just a great, solid throw (and the price is sweet)… Code 1 falls right in the middle, and side effects can bring it closer to either side of the fence. Personally, I’d say grab the newer Code 2 - it starts out feeling more solid for slow play, but you can slip ultra lights in and watch it fly… that’s the beauty of the effects; little tweaks with weight make a difference - plus you never have to worry about stripping the throw - the side effect is the axle… as far as innovations to modern throws, the side effects are on top of my list…

Hope that helps… and I hope I spelled everything correctly…